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And Now It's Something Else

Sure, it was a "legendary local shoe store" and "now it's a fucking fro-yo place," but it probably won't be for long: Twist on Avenue A opened last fall, then promptly disappeared; the unrelated shop Twister on Second Avenue closed in March, lasting just over half a year. The festive-sounding Yogurt Crazy was first announced for Third Avenue in 2012 but instead, a notice from NYU — its landlord — appeared taped to the storefront last year demanding $37,134.87 in back rent. Over in Brooklyn, Forever Yogurt signed a lease near Barclays Center, but [...]


Everything Still Terrible

"Debate rages over children on juice cleanses," apparently. This is one of those things where you actually hope the tabs are exaggerating for traffic, because otherwise, oh my God. Never mind what we're doing to these poor kids in terms of body image, can you imagine how self-righteous and irritable an entire generation that has grown up on kale and cilantro juice will be when it finally reaches maturity? I guess the upside is they will be tiny and thus easy to push aside.

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Michael Steele's Juice Remains Untainted

No matter how hard he might labor to so do, MSNBC political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell is emphatically NOT going to spoil the juice of RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Do you understand? You will not spoil Steele's juice. His juice will remain unspoiled. Juice spoilage? Negatory. Look in the dictionary under "spoiled juice" and the one thing you will not see is a picture of Michael Steele, whose juice remains free from spoilage. Are we clear?