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Jarvis Cocker Is 50

Happy birthday to the last genius of the 20th Century. 50 seems weirdly young to me, but good for him either way,


Jarvis Cocker and The Strokes, "Just What I Needed"

Yep, it's exactly what the headline says: a cover of the Cars classic apparently shot at this weekend's Reading Festival. Big thumbs up from this corner. [Via]


Pulp, "After You"

A reunited Pulp spent the winter holidays playing shows on a cruise ship called the S.S. Coachella (uhh …) but also got together with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy to record this perfect disco-hopping/shopping track called "After You." And here it is, in all its cheesy-synth-hook droll Jarvis Cocker glory.

Released on Boxing Day, but apparently not yet for sale, the song is the first new thing released by Pulp in a decade. Also, on the cruise ship, Jarvis did Power Point presentations on the songwriting process and James Murphy led a wine-tasting class.


Jarvis Cocker, "The National Trust: The Album"

The ever-dapper Jarvis Cocker has put together a free album of field recordings from National Trust sites around the UK, with the captured sounds including wind whooshing through a clock tower in Norwich and stairs creaking in Kent. Also it will apparently help you concentrate! Which is a tall order in these overstimulated times, but if there's one man I trust to craft something to hold my attention, it's Jarvis. [Via]


What Heaven Is Now

"I think basically becoming famous has taken the place of going to heaven in modern society, hasn't it? That's the place where your dreams will come true. It's an act of faith now; they think that's going to sort things out." —Jarvis Cocker, correct as usual.


Jarvis Cocker Album Stream

You can listen to Further Complications, Jarvis Cocker's new record, here. Steve Albini produced it! RELATED: I am old and white.