Feist, "Century"

Feist + Jarvis Cocker = Nostalgia For Less Terrible Times

Remember 2007? Jarvis Cocker had his first solo record out and Feist’s Reminder was everywhere. Ask an older friend if you don’t know what those words mean. Anyway, we eventually tired of it, but if someone came up to you now and said, “Here’s a ticket to ten years ago” you would take that ride in a second and kill the person giving you the ticket before he had the chance to change his mind. Back in the glowing atomic shithole of the present, Feist has a new album coming out and she’s touring soon and here she is with a song that features Cocker doing his breathy monologue thing on it. Enjoy. If we’re still around in 2027 let’s hope we’re not musing about how comparatively less awful 2017 was.