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The Next Time You Go To Share That Bad Parenting Story Please Think About The Children

"'Are people writing these stories knowing that they’re going to be mocked horrendously on the Internet?' asks Benjamin Kabak, proprietor of the trend-mocking Twitter account The Times Is On It. At least some of them appear to be in on the joke. The Times headline for the artsitter piece is the inoffensive 'Where Babysitting is Truly an Art,' but when Giridharadas tweeted out the story from his own account, he adopted a cheekier tone: 'Let grown-ups have personal chefs & personal pilots. Kids have the personal artist, rentable as babysitter.' (Giridharadas and a couple other trend story authors either declined to be interviewed for this story or didn’t immediately [...]


French Riot Cops: We Require Our Daily Alcohol!

France (or as I like to call it, Cheesecrime Nation) is the worst country on the planet, and now this worst country is all hopped up in a scandal and growing worser, because they are planning on denying the right of their riot cops to drink alcohol with lunch.

Is there really more to say on this topic?

The police union is—sorry, some of the MULTIPLE French police unions are—calling for keeping the right to get toasted at lunch, which will come in handy, because it's so much easier to go searching for women in headscarves to treat poorly when you've had a few. Honestly I'd rather take [...]