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Phone Home, Astrodome: Inside America's Brave And Crumbling Stadiums

Sheer size is generally a strong guarantee of commercial longevity in American society. Consider Sport Utility Vehicles throughout almost every variation in gas prices. Consider the Big Gulp. But when it comes to some of our largest feats of construction—sporting facilities—immense size won’t usually even guarantee a lifespan as long as the most immemorable ranch home. How old is your house or residence? And how many people live there? The Houston Astrodome has a capacity of 67,925,and is 49 years old. It may not last to see 50.

Tastes are fickle, extortionate team demands are common, and the drive for novelty is endless, but the sheer inability of the greatest [...]


Today Is Bun B Day!

Here is something good: Houston mayor Annise Parker has declared today, August 30th, 2011, "Bun B Day" in her city. Bun, who made up one half of the rap duo UGK until his partner Pimp C died in 2007, and is now is about to start his second semester teaching a course on Religion and Hip Hop Culture In America at Rice University, is actually from nearby Port Arthur. But he is easily awesome enough to cross municipal borders.


Ineffable Sadness Of Life In These United States Finds Expression In Form Of Local Texas News Story About Proper Attire For McDonald's Diners

Somehow it is not even Friday yet.


Big K.R.I.T., Curren$y And Killa Kyleon, "Moon And Stars"

How stoned are Killa Kyleon and Curren$y at the end of the video for this remix to Big K.R.I.T.'s latest? Little blips of light are shooting out of their fingers, making trails in the air like sparklers on July 4th. I didn't even know pot could do that to you. Seriously, though, there are some really good young artists making really good rap music these days. And this song is dope.


Killa Kyleon, "Drank In My Cup" And The Very Pretty New Species Of Freshwater Crabs Discovered In The Philippines

Four new species of Insuluman crabs recently discovered in freshwater streams in the Philippines are purple for reasons of signaling prospective mating partners. Rising Houston rapper Killa Kyleon is purple because he's taking a bath in codeine/promethazine cough syrup.


Scarface, "Dopeman Music"

It might not be the absolute very best way I can think of to drive around Houston, Texas. (That might not be the absolute very safest link to click on if you're at work, by the way.) But if I do ever find myself cruising that famous suburban sprawl, I would be sure to cue up local rap legend Scarface as a soundtrack. The title track to his latest mixtape features B. James and Monk Kaza, and was co-produced by Seattle's Jake One, who has been doing such great work with Philadelphia's Freeway recently. Driving music always travels well.