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Insanely Judgmental Hip-Hop World Flips Out Over Mister Cee Arrest

Mister Cee, a Hot 97 DJ and semi-old-school hip-hop guy, was arrested last week and charged with public lewdness and exposure, according to the NYPD. The rumor mill has been great on the blogs! A sample: "Rumors of Mr. Cee engaging in homosexual activity have run rampant for years"! And there's some great hedging: "allegedly arrested after he was caught receiving oral sex from a male prostitute dressed as a woman, according to several news reports." What could it all mean? Perhaps… an "April Fool's Day prank or possibly someone that is not too fond of Calvin Lebrun aka DJ Mister Cee set him up [...]


El-P, "Time Won't Tell"

I'm not always a big one for instrumental music. My mind starts to wander if someone isn't singing or shouting at me. But this track from rapper/producer/Def Jux Records founder El-P is excellent in a way that would be like if Dan the Automator had gotten Dave Pajo to play on the Dr. Octagon album. And the video, directed by Shan Nelson, is really terrific, too.


Kanye West's Big Mouth Painted By George Condo

Man, when you're on a roll. To accompany his comeback single "Power," which has many people standing up at their computer terminals to shout out loud and type extra hard about how much they love it, Kanye West went and got the renowned New Hampshire-born artist George Condo to paint his portrait for the cover.


Jay-Z Is America

Foreign Policy examines the difficulties of exercising hegemonic power in modern society when faced with an insistent opponent of disproportionate strength.


DJ Kool Herc Is Sick And Unable To Afford Surgery

Sad hip-hop news: Clive "Kool Herc" Campbell, whose block parties in the Bronx in the 1970s gave birth to hip-hop, is sick with an undisclosed illness and having trouble paying his medical bills. A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip suggests, "maybe island/defjam, warner, interscope, can pay dj kool herc's hospital bills?" That would be nice.


An Interview with Earnest Pettie, Our Secretive Hero of Wikipedia

Last week I reported on the secretive heroes of Wikipedia and their detailed academic descriptions of 90s hip hop classics. Over the weekend, the author of the two best entries-Warren G and Nate Dogg's "Regulate" and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's "Parents Just Don't Understand"-made contact. Earnest Pettie-or Earnestp if you prefer his now-defunct Wikipedia handle-is an editor at And now we ask him some questions!


Would You Like To Buy Kanye West's House?

Kanye West seems to really like Hawaii, where he is recording his new album, A Good Ass Job. So much so that he has put his kind of boring 3-bedroom, 4,214-square-foot Hollywood house, built in 2002 at 7882 Fareholm Drive, up for sale for $3,995,000. (It's way overbuilt on the lot, which is only 5,320 square feet.) The decor is what you'd expect: the cool earth-tones and open space of the "Love Lockdown" video, set of by bright-blue pop art, giant-sized children toys and Takashi Murakami stuff. It gets a little Romper-Roomy sometimes, but the fish-tank bathtub is the best idea since Hot Tub [...]


Last Bastion Of "Music In A Physical Form" To Close Next Month

"It was definitely a landmark for the underground movement of the '90s. Young people who've never touched wax probably don't know what the closing of a store like this means… It just means that we're heading to a place where music won't exist in a physical form anymore." -Rap producer DJ Spinna on the news that Fat Beats, a store on the corner of 6th Ave. and 8th Street in Manhattan that specialized in vinyl records and served a hip-hop community that might best be described as the opposite of this, will close its doors next month after 16 years in operation. (The LA outpost [...]


T-Pain's New Chain Not Very Off the Chain

Rap Radar's B.Dot says T-Pain's new chain looks like "a bedazzled dildo." He's right. It does. Meanwhile, that massive medallion swinging from Kanye's neck during his performance at Sunday's BET awards? It was in the shape of the falcon-headed Egyptian deity Horus, and it cost $300,000. So there you go.


When's The Last Time You Heard A Funky Diabetic?

There was a benefit concert at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn last night to raise money to help A Tribe Called Quest MC Phife Dawg, who has diabetes, pay his medical bills. At the end of the show, Phife's old partners Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad joined him onstage to perform a string of songs from 1993's Midnight Marauders album. Here's "Oh My God"-during which Q-Tip mimes the act of giving Phife dialysis-and "Award Tour." Pretty joyous.