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How To Ditch Your Job And Flee The Country

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, producer and editor Mike Byhoff tells us more about what it’s like to leave your job, get on a plane headed for a country you know nothing about, and then spend a month abroad without an agenda or being able to speak the language.

Leaving for central america for a month in 12 hours and don't speak spanish and have basically no itinerary what the fuck am I doing.

— Mike Byhoff (@mbyhoff) February 28, 2014

Mike! We spoke at the end of February after [...]


Guatemala's Sinkhole Not Actually a Sinkhole

It's not even one of the top three ongoing natural disasters, right, but this photo tour of Guatemala after dual assault by volcano and tropical storm is pretty astonishing. Though, by the way: that famous sinkhole? Not actually a sinkhole. Technically. And: "Mislabeling the problem as a 'sinkhole' could distract from discussion of a solution, which [Geologist Sam Bonis] said would involve finding new ways to deal with runoff and waste water in the city."