Anti-Islamic Center Politicians and Pundits Whose Names Appear Nowhere on the 9/11 Memorial Supporters List

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David Paterson First Out of Gate to Claim Muslims Have a Slashing Coming

I laughed! But the last laugh is on me. This IM conversation took place yesterday afternoon. In it, we wondered: which politician would be the first to suggest that the crazy (alleged!) stabbing of a New York City cab driver because he is a Muslim would be proof that the "Ground Zero Terror Mosque" should be moved? As a gambling man, I always like the long shot. But I went too long. My fine coworker, Mr. Alex Balk, always has his eye on the prize, and so he correctly guessed that the governor of New York State would be the first to try to explain that, yes, of [...]



I'm thinking Gray Lady Down b/w The Poseidon Adventure as directed by Roger Corman and produced by Dario Argento. With Eric Roberts as Ross Douthat!


Ground Zero Mosque People Just Messing Around With The Right Now

"In the midst of the drama around the mosque that's being erected two blocks from Ground Zero, a few details have been left out that provide some clarity as to the purpose of this project. Specifically, the project will be the country's first certified 'green mosque,' in full compliance with stringent LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, which is why organizers have named the project Park51, rather than the oft-cited 'Cordoba House.'" -Whether or not it ever actually gets built it all, give a hand to the folks behind the GROUND ZERO TERROR MOSQUE, who seem to know exactly what buttons to push. I hope next they [...]


A Brief Tour Of Defenseless Ground Zero

When it comes to the Cordoba House / Park 51 project, better known as GROUND ZERO TERROR MOSQUE, it really is not worth discussing with people down in Lower Manhattan. That is because they do not really want to talk about it.


Very Warm Feelings Had About Mike Bloomberg!

Hey, I keep forgetting to say nice things about Mike Bloomberg! So here: this week, Mike Bloomberg is an American hero. It's handy, though, that his position on the 9/11 GROUND ZERO TERROR MOSQUE is actually a pro-business, pro-contract, pro-privacy position. ("The simple fact is, this building is private property," is what Bloomberg said about the MUSLIM 9/11 MOSQUE.) It's also an anti-landmarking position, which historically fits him well-and it dovetails perfectly with a pro-"tolerance," pro-shut-the-hell-up-non-New-Yorkers position. It was an awfully good speech! Filled with the very recent history of religious intolerance! So, I'm a little psycho, what with the constant emotional yo-yoing about the mayor, but [...]


The Way We Equivocate Now

The headline pretty much says it all: "Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Park51: Yes to tolerance, no to mosque"


50 Cent Wants In On Cee-Lo's Action, Will Take His Gold Digger

"Ironically, this week the Pajamas Media site ran a piece reporting that Egyptian Islamic scholar and self-proclaimed jihadist Abd al-Muti Bayum has condemned the 'Ground Zero mosque' as a devious 'Zionist conspiracy' to discredit Islam by linking it to the September 11 attacks. This was cited as an argument against the Cordoba Center. This is strange logic: the center shouldn't be built because radical Islamists will like it…. or because they will hate it." That's Reason's Cathy Young, whose colleague Radley Balko gave us such a good angle on the "NYC Terror Mosque" controversy last week.


Where's the Ground Zero Terror Mosque? 39 Experts Explain!

39. "three blocks from the Ground Zero site in New York" – John Nichols

38. "two blocks from the site where nearly 3,000 Americans were killed by Islamist terrorists on 9/11" – John McCormack

37. "2-3 blocks from World Trade Center" – Yahoo! Answers

36. "mere blocks from the site of worst terrorist attack in U.S. history" – Daniel Halper


Mike Bloomberg: Still Awesome (For Now)

"I'm just telling you, I've always believed the government should not be involved in deciding who you pray to, what you say, or where you say it." -The wee billionaire from Boston is really on a roll these days. (And yes! People are apparently still talking about 9/11 Muslim Terror Mosque!)


9/11 Terror Mosque Muslims Have No Money!

Muslim Terror Mosque is going to cost $100 million, roughly the equivalent of a friend-of-the-Bush-family house of Saud airplane fleet or ten terrible social networking startups. Where will this money come from? Nobody knows. Isn't that suspicious? That a nonprofit would make an application to the city for a building without all the funds in place?


More "Ground Zero Mosque" Inanity

"The center may be built where planned. But it will not go easy or without consequence to the politicians intent on jamming the project down the public throat, in the name of principle. Liberal piety may have met its match in the raw memory of 9/11, and in citizens who have come to know pure demagoguery when they hear it." -Is the Wall Street Journal's Dorothy Rabinowitz being ironic here, or just completely un-self-aware? Also, what is it with these people who desperately need to characterize everything they don't like as being "jammed" or "rammed down our throats"? What is the implication there? Also, again, with the mosque thing, [...]


Videogame Mocks Everything America Stands For

This makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH.

On Oct. 12 Electronic Arts, one of the world's biggest game publishers, is set to release a first-person combat title called Medal of Honor. Developed with advice from elite American special forces, the new game is set during Operation Anaconda, part of the Western war in Afghanistan that followed the Sept. 11 attacks.

So far, so conventional. But in Medal of Honor's online multiplayer mode, in which teams of players battle over the Internet, one side in each match will be the Americans and the other side will play the role of Taliban fighters.


David Paterson's Office Has Ways of Dealing with Mosque Developers (Such as Choking, Intimidating)

David Paterson, the idiotic, misfiring, amazingly inefficient soon-to-be-outgoing governor of New York, will be meeting with the developer of Ground Zero Terror Mosque "later this week." That's because he's a tool of the loony far right. And it's so he can persuade them to move to some other building, one that is more tolerant and more respectful and more American, unlike the buildings within a five-block radius of Ground Zero, which is a zone where contracts and the Constitution don't exist. This is just going to be Paterson's first tactic though! Then, after that meeting doesn't get what he wants, he's going to have the state police [...]


Similarities Between Auschwitz and Downtown Disputed

It is astounding that this even needs to be said: "If Charles Krauthammer and Newt Gingrich think there is any comparison between what happened at Auschwitz and what happened at Ground Zero, then they are Holocaust deniers. Build 400 sets of Twin Towers, force an entire population into them at gunpoint, and then crash 800 airplanes into them-airplane after airplane, loaded with women and children, with the goal of exterminating their entire race-and you might begin to have something like Auschwitz.

Lower Manhattan is not Auschwitz."


The Worst Kind Of Bigotry Is Anti-Bigot Bigotry

Resident Post nag Andrea Peyser is upset with the mayor for his stand on the GROUND ZERO TERROR MOSQUE.


Abe Foxman Still Has a Job

ADL head Abe Foxman: still employed. Anthony Weiner and Chuck Schumer: still very, very quiet on the subject of GROUND ZERO TERROR MOSQUE.


More On The "Downtown Mosque"

"So look: unless someone's prepared to make an argument that a straight line runs between Cordoba House and Usama bin Laden, no objection to Cordoba House's location makes any sense. That's the only sense in which the Cordoba House could actually offend the reasonable sensibilities of those victimized by 9/11. No one can make that argument without sounding like bin Laden himself. Everything else about this debate is just ugly noise. Those who sincerely believe that Cordoba House is offensive need to tell a Muslim serving in the U.S. military precisely how far from Ground Zero he may acceptably practice his religion."