David Paterson's Office Has Ways of Dealing with Mosque Developers (Such as Choking, Intimidating)


David Paterson, the idiotic, misfiring, amazingly inefficient soon-to-be-outgoing governor of New York, will be meeting with the developer of Ground Zero Terror Mosque “later this week.” That’s because he’s a tool of the loony far right. And it’s so he can persuade them to move to some other building, one that is more tolerant and more respectful and more American, unlike the buildings within a five-block radius of Ground Zero, which is a zone where contracts and the Constitution don’t exist. This is just going to be Paterson’s first tactic though! Then, after that meeting doesn’t get what he wants, he’s going to have the state police call the developers to ask if they can “help.” Then he’ll send his aide David Johnson over to “have a talk” with them, during which Johnson will tear off their Halloween costumes and choke them a little. It’s a fine history that displays how government intrusion into non-government affairs is so successful in New York.