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Media Alerted To Celebrity's Attractiveness In New Issue Of Popular Magazine



The M. Wells Scandal

Anyone who has eaten at M. Wells, the infamous diner in Queens, knows that it is both an extremely special and troubled place. (The food is magical, I have agreed; and also, on my most recent visit, there were literally pregnant women and their extremely grumpy hipster spouses on the verge of crying and screaming while they waited endlessly for food. Obviously the solution to eating at M Wells is to bring some carrot sticks in your purse and sit back and take what comes. They are not so much in the food "service" industry as they are in the food magicking industry, and sometimes everything goes kablooey.) And [...]


Gender Essentialist Rielle Hunter Speaks To Tabloid

The preface to the Rielle Hunter Tells All About Her Love Life with John Edwards story in GQ goes like this: "While everyone else in the Edwards drama has said their piece, in books and/or television interviews, the mistress and campaign videographer and mother of his child has, in her own words, 'kept my mouth shut.' Until now (as they say in the tabloids)." As they say in the what now? Heh. But the interview itself is a funny thing, and if the commenters at the Post are to be believed, she's a horribly human being and a trashy whore and all kinds of things. But actually she's [...]


Things You Should Read: GQ's Coal Disaster Story

The other day I mocked GQ's fashion styling. And just now I looked at their Levi Johnston photoshoot, which ended with me screaming "I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING" and slamming shut that window. However! I finally read the amazing eastern Tennessee coal disaster story! A++! Excellent transaction! Would do business again!


Marco Rubio's Post-Modern Explanations For the Holy Bible

Alleged 2016 GOP hopeful Marco Rubio was interviewed by his favorite magazine, GQ. And now Twitter is all abuzz because the Republican senator from Florida claimed that the Earth's age is one of the Great Mysteries. In the Q&A, Rubio says: "Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I'm not sure we'll ever be able to answer that. It's one of the great mysteries."

The scientific elite scorn such talk, because of course they have used "science instruments" to figure out that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old—when the rest of our solar system took shape. But this semi-precise [...]


My Two Days as a Russian Tabloid Sensation

Had I bothered to put “walk through Moscow in a tuxedo” on my list of things to do in this life, I could now safely check it off. The sidestreet in front of the theater was a static maze of Benzes and Bentleys, with no place to pull up. Arriving as I was in a regular taxi, the jam gave me a face-saving chance to get off around the corner and hoof it to the red carpet from there.

The Russian GQ had rented out the theater, a hideous 1990s edifice glowing at the sidestreet’s end, to hold its Man of the Year awards: “the unofficial start,” in the breathless [...]


January's 'Vanity Fair' Slightly Larger Than 'Harper's' and About Half the Size of December's 'GQ'



Why Is Mark Sanchez Wearing Such Disgusting Clothing?

I was kind of excited for this GQ photo spread of Mark Sanchez, the new quarterback for the New York Jets! Until I saw how unbelievably ghetto the clothing was. Um, "Swim trunks, $28, by American Apparel"? Really? "Sunglasses by Ray-Ban"? LOL. "Jacket, $175, by A|X Armani Exchange"? Barf. Who would be caught dead in this garbage? Ha ha: "Sweatpants, $40, by J. Crew." OMG: "Hoodie, $98, by Perry Ellis." It goes on and on! "T-shirt, $44, by French Connection." This is so humiliating! Who is doing the styling at GQ now-someone's mom in Minnesota?


Magazine Writer Has Lots of Money

"My financial records revealed that I have way too much money in my checking account." —Former terrible New Republic blogger and current New York and GQ contributor Jason Zengerle gets VP-vetted as a GQ stunt and the facts that emerge (okay, just that one fact) may surprise you. Also I guess he is prepared for the IRS to come at him over that whole "paying undocumented workers" and "not reporting income paid to household help" thing? Guess he won't have trouble with the small fines.

[UPDATE: This is a dick post. It was supposed to be mildly amusing and to convey mostly friendly teasing, and instead it [...]


Call Now! Share Your Feeeeeeelings About "Friday Night Lights"

The forthcoming GQ podcast, with the lady Ana Marie Cox, is going to be about the wonder that is "Friday Night Lights." And guess what? I just watched the series finale last night! Oh my God, I couldn't believe it when Tammy totally ____ and then Julie _____! And Coach Taylor was all ____!!! No I mean, he never talks, he totally didn't say anything at all, but his terrific hair was speaking volumes. (Is it possible to be in love with hair?) So here is the hotline to Ana Marie (or at least her digital recorder), and she would like people like YOU to discuss what the show [...]



The bar has been set ever-higher in the advanced bracket competition of the "Someone quit" memo. (Not so many of those these days, right?) This outpouring from GQ editor Jim Nelson, on the departure of his editor Andy Ward, is truly something to see, including as it does: "WE'RE NOT KIDDING, WE ARE GRATEFUL, WE ARE SAD."


God Of War

This is heavy going for a Monday morning, but GQ's got a mammoth takedown of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who seems to have pretty much pissed off everyone in the Bush administration but Dick Cheney. How bad was it?

[I]n speaking with the former Bush officials, it becomes evident that Rumsfeld impaired administration performance on a host of matters extending well beyond Iraq to impact America's relations with other nations, the safety of our troops, and the response to Hurricane Katrina.

There is also the matter of the image above.