Magazine Writer Has Lots of Money

“My financial records revealed that I have way too much money in my checking account.”
 — Former terrible New Republic blogger

and current New York and GQ contributor Jason Zengerle gets VP-vetted as a GQ stunt and the facts that emerge (okay, just that one fact) may surprise you. Also I guess he is prepared for the IRS to come at him over that whole “paying undocumented workers” and “not reporting income paid to household help” thing? Guess he won’t have trouble with the small fines.

[UPDATE: This is a dick post. It was supposed to be mildly amusing and to convey mostly friendly teasing, and instead it came out DICKISH and MEAN and HOSTILE, quite unnecessarily. I will leave it all here intact, instead of deleting it, as a memorial to when I am wrong. Once again, we meet the problem of conveying tone on the Internet. My apologies for misfiring to Mr. Z.]