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Hashtags Aren't Easy But They're Necessary

#1 dong, ma! RT @GMA Good morning, @onedirection! #1DonGMA

— Slade Sohmer (@SladeHV) November 26, 2013

It truly is a great time for marketing.


Why Are You People Watching Socialcam 9/11 Truther Videos?

There are things I don't need to know about my Facebook acquaintances! Seriously people, that's it, turn that garbage off.


Lawless White People Go Wilding in Vancouver

An excellent point: "The photos of the Vancouver riots look like Cardiff on a Saturday night." It's true! This fantastic collection of photos and video from Vancouver last night—you see, Boston won the Stanley Cup? Which is the big prize in hockey, don't you know?—does bear a striking resemblance to any ordinary night of the glassing capital of the world over in Wales. And here is our favorite video from Vancouver.


Real America: Andrew Breitbart's Racist Witch-Hunt Website Community

Maybe you've heard of Andrew Breitbart. The former Drudge #2 and Huffington pal has been on an absolute tear recently, exposing anti-Tea Party demonstrators as "thugs" and insisting that this group of patriots is "on the receiving end (of threats and intimidation) every single day, but haven't made anything of it because they know that the press isn't going to be sympathetic to their cause."


Why We've Been Ignoring the AIDS Vaccine Story

· AIDS Vaccine "Important Step" Against Disease (Reuters) · AIDS Vaccine Trial Offers Hope (The Advocate) · For First Time, AIDS Vaccine Shows Some Success (New York Times) · HIV vaccine breakthrough (Sydney Herald) · Vaccine Shows Promise in Preventing HIV Infection (Wall Street Journal) · Scientists Puzzle Over Minor Success Of AIDS Vaccine (Washington Post)

Oh wait-sorry, what's that, Washington Post? "The results were barely significant on statistical grounds, perplexing for scientific reasons and unanticipated by most researchers."


Miami Goes Full Cuba–They're Going to Mandate Sick Days for Workers!!!

Frightening news for Miami's aging right-wing Cuban population: the county is considering going FULL-FIDEL. One lone City Commissioner/communist is putting forward an ordinance that will force all employers to let their employees accrue sick time. This is worse than Obamacare! Nearly half of all workers in the county currently do not get sick time, according to "some random dude from a union," whose pockets are lined with money stolen from little children.

Local Miami commenters respond to the Herald's shocking report:

• "why should they even have to work!!! ill just send them money."

• "What I don't understand is that if the liberals want this, why don't [...]


How to "Double-Delete" Your Email, by Major Book Publishers/Defendants

I may never stop laughing. Here is some advice for how to accomplish price-fixing, which we have learned here in US v. Apple et al (PDF), the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against ebook sellers for conspiracy to fix prices with Apple, so as to undermine Amazon. (Fun fact: the defendants in the case account for a full half of Amazon's ebook revenue.)

"Double-deletion" of email is the apparently common practice of deleting an email in your inbox, then deleting it again in your trash. It also largely doesn't work.

Also, "pro tip": it really helps if you don't keep emails about double-deleting your emails [...]


What Ladies Won't Do with Larry Flynt for a Million Dollars

"After dinner Larry said, 'Come into my study, Terry, you’re going to need some money for the weekend.' We went into his office and he said, “There’s a briefcase by the couch where you’re sitting. Put it on your lap and open it.” So I did. It was full of packs of hundred-dollar bills. Larry said, 'It’s a million dollars. I have this on hand to give validity to the offer.' And he showed me this circular: A standing offer from Larry Flynt to the following women who are prepared to show gyno-pink. One million cash to Barbara Bach, Cathy Bach, Barbi Benton, Cheryl Tiegs…. They were mostly kind [...]


What Percentage of American Teens are Locked in Basements and Bathrooms, Anyway?

How many young people, do you think, are kept locked in basements and bathrooms? Because it sure seems like a lot-and now there's another one, a 14-year-old Arizona girl who's been locked in her bathroom for two months. (In what seems a notable yet underdeveloped bit of news in the AP report, this bathroom did not have running water.)


"Celebrating" Jonah Lehrer's "Crucifixion" with "Schadenfreude"

Stop crucifying Jonah Lehrer! It's more important that good ideas get disseminated than that magazines keep exclusivity! @jonahlehrer

— Parag Khanna (@paragkhanna) June 21, 2012

No one who's going on about how everyone is "celebrating" Jonah Lehrer's trouble with repackaging works or "crucifying" him or expressing "schadenfreude" has ever cited anyone who's actually doing any of those things.


Knee-Deep in Julian Assange's Hilarious Memoir

When I started hacking you were just one layer above the bare metal. You were typing into this wonderful emptiness, waiting to be populated with minds. A few of us were interested in projecting our thoughts into the computer to make it do something new. We began writing codes and we began cracking them, too…. It was certainly addictive. You'd dive down into a computer system – typically, for me at the time, the Pentagon's 8th Command Group computers. You'd take it over, projecting your mind all the way from your untidy bedroom to the entire system along the halls, and all the while you're learning to understand [...]


When Reporters Turn Against Reporters–With Lawyers!

Big-name reporter and plagiarist Gerald Posner has now hired a lawyer who believes that the act of reporting on reporters who plagiarize can "constitute tortious interference with a business relationship, tortious interference with a contractual relationship, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress." That's right: if you write someone's publisher and ask what they are going to do about the author's plagiarism, you are interfering in TORTS, baby. Which is a pretty amazing thing for an attorney for a reporter to suggest, but it's okay, that is going to be a laugh riot in court. Except they haven't filed anything in court. They're too busy [...]


All You Need To Know About Best Actress Oscar Nominee Sandra Bullock