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Dudes Nast

I guess my question in response to this expose of male undergarment deportment is once again why on earth women let us do sex to them when we are clearly disgusting. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am beyond glad that they do and all, but it does seem pretty inexplicable the more you think about it. Anyway, congratulations to the team at KPNX 12 News for nailing this story down, even to the point where they got the folks at Target to allow them to check out the underwear on the racks. That is some A+ reportage.


Lady Brains Make Girls Better At Mom Stuff: Science

“Intuition is thinking without thinking. It's what people call gut feelings. Women tend to be better than men at these kinds of skill which are linked with being good mothers,” says a professor who is probably never gonna hear the end of it for making that statement.


You Won't Believe Who Is Into Kissing

"The survey responses showed that women rated kissing as generally more important in relationships than men. Furthermore, men and women who rated themselves as being attractive, or who tended to have more short-term relationships and casual encounters, also rated kissing as being more important."


Legislature Sexist

Can you guess what the Texas legislature's little secret is? If you have ever been around an organization that is 80% male, you almost certainly can.


Not Having Sex So Shameful That Men Would Rather Admit To Being Poets

"[R]esearchers from Ohio State University found that men were willing to admit that they sometimes engaged in behaviors seen by college students as more appropriate for women, such as writing poetry. The same was true for women, who didn’t hide the fact that they told obscene jokes, or sometimes participated in other 'male-type' deeds. The story changes when it comes to sex as men wanted to be seen as 'real men:' the kind who had many partners and a lot of sexual experience. Women, on the other hand, wanted to be seen as having less sexual experience than they actually had, to match what is expected of women."


Men Better At Being Sad About Childlessness Than Women

"Men are almost as likely as women to want children, and they feel more isolated, depressed, angry and sad than women if they don't have them, a new study says."


People Have A Difficult Time Following Rules, Being Quiet

"Septa, for example, says riders shouldn't expect to hear a pin drop. 'It's the quiet car, not the silent car,' says Kim Scott Heinle, assistant general manager for customer service and advocacy. What helps is that conductors will hand 'shush' cards to riders who forget or didn't know the rules. The system lets conductors suspend quiet operations when needed, like before and after a sports event or during the Flower Show in Philadelphia, when many riders aren't regulars."


No Girl Wants To Fuck Your Narrow-Faced Ass Now But One Will Eventually Marry It: Science

"Women looking for a short-term fling are more likely to be drawn to men like Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp and David Beckham than Adam Levine or Jake Gyllenhaal, according to the findings of a recent study. After observing more than 150 men and women ages 18 to 32 over the course of several speed dating events, researchers found that men with wider faces were rated as more attractive and dominant among the female participants. On the flipside, because a wider face has also been linked to negative traits like aggression, the study hypothesizes that women are less [...]


Sex Regrets: What Kind Do You Have?

"A new peer-reviewed study on sexual activity discovered a significant difference in opinion among men and women, especially in regard to remorse. Women’s top regret is having lost their virginity to the wrong partner; men’s is not pursuing a prospective sexual partner. Both genders also regretted having sex with someone who was not physically attractive."


Ladies, Declare Victory And Go Home

"I understand that the big picture is not always reflected in women’s daily experience of life. Maybe a woman has an overbearing husband or a retrograde boss or just a lingering problem that has no name. But as a collective, it sometimes feels that women look too closely at the spot right in front of us. This is a moment, unprecedented in history—and also pretty confusing—when young women who work how they want and have sex how they want may also quilt and can fruits. When working-class women who quietly leave the only steady paycheck on the kitchen table every week may still believe that a man is the [...]


You Can't Fool Women By Agreeing With Them

"If you think about a couple that is trying to cooperate with one another, the man might go along and say, ‘oh sure, honey, this is great, are we almost done?’ whereas the women might say, ‘I’m so glad that you’re happy, but I just want to talk about this one other thing because I think we’re really getting at a resolution." —"New research suggests that men and women have different feelings in response to their partner’s emotions."


How To Laugh Someone Into Bed

Men: if you're funny, women will let you do sex to them, but only a couple of times. Ladies: if you're funny men will assume you're easy. That's how it works.


Ladies Would Rather Spend Time Yappin' Than Doing Math

"Our study shows that it's not lack of ability or differences in ability that orients females to pursue non-STEM careers, it's the greater likelihood that females with high math ability also have high verbal ability. Because they're good at both, they can consider a wide range of occupations."


Science: Leering Actually A High-Level Mental Process

"[R]esearchers found that men who reported more sexual compulsivity or risk-taking gazed longer than other men at the breasts and hip-waist regions of 20-year-old women — but not at those regions in girls or women older than themselves. In other words, their gaze seems to give away their higher-than-average sexual interest. And the longer gazes are confined to women they find sexually interesting (based on age). 'We argue it's a high-level mental process which guides this unique gaze pattern,' Guo said."


Are Ladies Dumb Enough To Trust Dudes About Birth Control?

"Now the chemical snip! Male pill works like a vasectomy – but will girls trust men to take it?"


Sexism Benevolent

"'Benevolent sexism', where women are treated as helpless entities in need of protection, is seen in a positive light by many – particularly those women with a strong sense of entitlement."


The Dudes From The American Sociological Association Are Cheap Bastards

"The question of who should pay for dates during courtship — and how couples actually go about splitting expenses — is the topic of a new study presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association."


Women Remember Better At Remembering Than Men Because They Actually Pay Attention In The First Place

"A new study shows that women are better than men at remembering new names and faces, something past research has also shown. But this new paper, just published in the journal Psychological Science, also suggests the reason why women are so good at it: In the first few moments that we meet someone, we tend to take in more details about the new face in front of us. We study the eyes, the nose, the cheekbones, the mouth — without even knowing we're doing it — and then neatly file that information away for our brains to retrieve next time we come across the new person."


We're Really Taking This 'Lean In' Thing Too Far

"In the corner office and the boardroom, women are 'leaning in.' But there's one place where they're still wracked with anxiety and shame. " —Can you guess where it is? IT'S THE BATHROOM! Where shitting happens! Shitting BY WOMEN! I may need to lie down for a minute.


Genetics Is Hard

"An article on Page 66 this weekend about five young men who won the Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship describes the group incorrectly. Though no women are included, it is not the case that the X chromosome is not 'represented in this year’s crop of winners.' All five men, of course, have an X chromosome paired with a Y. (The women have neither a Y nor a fellowship — just X X.)"