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Fake Candidate Gary Johnson Has Wingnuts Ready for 2016 Already!

We keep forgetting to say congratulations to the 1,139,562 right-wing weirdos and/or dupes and/or Reason mag enthusiasts who voted for Gary Johnson! The pro-privatization, anti-union, anti-"Obamacare," only technically pro-abortion, Roger Stone-supported and Koch Brothers-associated


Early Press Mentions Of The Republican Candidates

Opposition research—political Dumpster diving perfected by Lee Atwater and Roger Stone—has been a part of American politics for nearly 200 years. Your familiarity with Willie Horton, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and John Edwards' $400 haircut is a tribute to its irritating persistence as a campaign tool. What follows is oppo research, but we do not aim to inflict damage. In fact, The Awl's effort, a collection of early media mentions of the Republican candidates (sometimes appearing under their given names), may actually endear these Presidential hopefuls to you. Or am I the only one charmed by 11-year-old zoo booster Newton Gingrich?

MITT ROMNEY New York Times
—February 28, 1960

By [...]


First Follows: Weird Choices in First Twitter Follows!

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Verizon and AT&T should be paying us for helping them with their lab experiment.Sun Apr 17 03:32:27 via webChanRobtChanRobt

Everyone remembers their first. The slow burning excitement. Wondering with anticipation if your advances will be followed. The anxiety about whether you’ve chosen the right person. We refer to the first person you decide to follow on Twitter.

The first follow is a tiny window into a personality. Comedian Tracy Morgan’s first follow, for instance, was his personal assistant Kenny Pierce—a fitting choice for a man who needs supervision.

Gwyneth [...]