Fake Candidate Gary Johnson Has Wingnuts Ready for 2016 Already!

We keep forgetting to say congratulations to the 1,139,562 right-wing weirdos and/or dupes and/or Reason mag enthusiasts who voted for Gary Johnson! The pro-privatization, anti-union, anti-”Obamacare,” only technically pro-abortion, Roger Stone-supported and Koch Brothers-associated gun nut and totally obvious spoiler candidate tried selling sex and sexy Libertarianism, to the tune of a not terrible turnout. Unfortunately, any look at his associates makes Reason’s endorsement of “the best-qualified presidential candidate in the race” seem pitiful, but don’t worry: we’ll be doing this again in 2016, as the party tries desperately to garner 5% of the vote. “Gary Johnson 2016” already has 82 likes on Facebook, so you know it’s on.