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Please Welcome The Wirecutter

The Wirecutter is a new website designed to do one thing: to tell you what the best particular product in a category is at any given moment. It is a project of Brian Lam, late of Gizmodo. Do you want to buy a TV? Great: here are the three TVs we endorse right now. Here's what Brian has to say about the site; here's the best way to use it.

What it is not is a "gadget blog." There's really plenty of those, and they're great! They cover every rollout, every product, every bit of rumor and whatnot in the tech world. The rest [...]


Your Summer Jaunts Got More Awesome: Meet the Standard's New Plane!

We presume it'll be "mildly expensive" (not like NetJets expensive!) but starting today, the Standard Hotel plane is available for public bookings! It's an eight-seater Cessna water plane, and they're doing a 300-mile range. In case you're aboard and scared of dying, reasonably, the airplane's stall speed is 106 km/h, so keep one eye on your coke and another on the pilot's dials and you'll be fine.


And Now, David Grann on Spanx

My new favorite game! The New Yorker headline/byline shuffle!


The Google Maps Guessing Game

Oh no, work stopped, it's the Find Where In The World This Google Street View Shot Is From Game! Goes nicely with this gallery of Google Street View shots by Michael Wolf.


Twitter's "Enormous and Concerted Act of Social Disobedience"

"I don't come to refute Gladwell's strawman argument…." -I've been waiting for someone to take a swing at Malcolm Gladwell's argument about how Twitter… isn't… the Civil Rights Movement? Well here we are, with your host, Anil Dash.


Chicago Awl Bawl! This Sunday!

HEY CHICAGO! Your hosts Tyler Coates and Maura Johnston would love to receive you at 11 a.m. on Sunday, at WestEnd, on Madison west of Racine. Location chosen due to its 11-minute walking distance from the Pitchfork Festival! Time chosen so no one has to miss Best Coast!


Man Tells You What Book To Read Next

Today until 4 p.m. Eastern Time, the Biblioracle will tell you what book to read next if you tell him the last five books you have read. Handy! (In other local news, there is a lost corgi puppy in Bushwick, should you happen to find one.)


Nikki Finke v. Janice Min: The Bazillion-Dollar Lawsuit

While the lawsuit apparently filed today by the parent company of Nikki Finke's Deadline against the parent company of the Hollywood Reporter is largely about "misappropriating wholesale content" from Deadline, the fun begins when you see they accused the Reporter of straight up stealing code from their site TVLine. (The copyright infringement on the code seems pretty cut and dry. [PDF]) BUT THEN there's also a section on how the Reporter tried to "lure away" Deadline's employee, Ms. Finke, with a decent salary and a "ONE MILLION DOLLAR MALIBU HOME." Then there are like a thousand examples of stories that Deadline posted first and then the [...]


Necessary Tumblrs: Dumb Tweets at Brands

Your new favorite Tumblr: Dumb Tweets At Brands. (via, via, via, one of whom is surely responsible.)


Local Magazine Tears People Apart

“Killing them all is the answer?”

“They’re terrorists!” Andrea says.

“They didn’t start out as terrorists!”

“They invented suicide bombing!”

How the New Yorker destroys lives.


Boston Celtics Put On a Great Show in the Locker Room

What do NBA players do to blow off steam after practice? Apparently, it's put on Halloween masks and have a dance-off to Rick Ross' remix of Waka Flocka Flame's "Hard in the Paint." Kevin Garnett really does go hard in the paint! This is great.


Willi Dorner's Wall Street Dance Project

This is pretty awesome. (via)


Downloadable "Organic" Labels Help You Feel Great About Consumption!

"Shopping for food and keeping a good conscience is hard. To help you out, the team at the WONDER-TONIC Organic Approval Committee have released a downloadable set of 16 stickers to let you label your favorite foods, books, and appliances as organic. Just print them out, stick them on, and start feeling good about yourself!"


When the 'Times' and the 'Journal' Destroy Each Other, We'll Still Be Here, Just Chillin'!

I am really, really pre-enjoying the coming chapter of the battle-saga of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times-way too much. I love that there are two rich men, Arthur Sulzberger and Rupert Murdoch, both delightful and wacky in their own ways, who have staked out both an ideology and a business practice and now they are going to get all Greco-Roman about it-and will drag their deputies into it, too. (New Times spokesbot (not doing too well so far!) Big Bob Christie v. Robert Thomson (mean as can be!).) So this is the perfect curtain raiser for the coming bloodbath. Here's Thomson's latest: "My advice [...]


Someone's Gonna Hit the Debt Roof! Eric Cantor, Dumb Whiner

"Republicans have refused Democrats' call for taxes on the wealthy. The president responded by ending the meeting." —Haha, gangsta! Oh wait: "But as he left, Obama added: 'I’ll see you tomorrow.'" Or? Perhaps this account? "When Obama was concluding the meeting, giving the closing remarks and talking about returning to the White House for a Thursday meeting, Cantor interrupted him and raised for the third time doing the possibility of a short-term extension." You know, when you make manipulative mischaracterizations, they're supposed to make you look better, not worse.


See You Tonight in LA, at Book Soup and the Parlour Room!

Tonight! Unless you're going to The Hairpin's drink session tonight in New York, then you must be in Los Angeles, because no one lives anywhere else, and so good news!

• 7:00p.m.: Matthew Gallaway reads at Book Soup, plus a Q&A with Natasha Vargas-Cooper, 8818 Sunset, West Hollywood.

• After, like, 8:30 or so: Drinks with friends at the Parlour Room, 6423 Yucca St., Hollywood. (It's only a "ten-minute drive"! That's an LA ten minutes.) (Poster by Tully Mills!)


How Many Gays Does It Take to Pitch a Baseball?

Oh this is great, great great, the story of the lawsuit brought by the National Center for Lesbian Rights against the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, hosts of the Gay Softball World Series. I don't even want to summarize and spoil anything for you, but the issue at hand is: how many straight people, if any, can play on a gay sports team? (There are of course a number of sub-issues, including "Are White People Racist" and "Do Bisexuals Exist?" Which, oh God, really people?) Anyway, the phrase GAY TRIBUNAL comes into play.


Tina Brown, Two Years In, Declares Age of FUN, Serial Commas

The Daily Beast turns two years old today and its honcho interviews herself.

You have been accused of having your finger on the Zeitgeist. So where is it located right now? What do people want to read and consume? Sexy brain food. Give us something to make us smarter, but for God's sake don't make it feel like work. People are in such a glum frame of mind they are looking for confidence, audacity, practicality, and FUN.


Etsy Has the Etsiest Offices Ever

This photo tour of the offices of Etsy is a dream-nightmare! It's wonderful! It's slightly heinous! I'm incredibly jealous! I want to go craft now.


Team 'Newsweek' Jumps On Howie Kurtz

The fight between the Newsweek Tumblr and CNN/Washington Post octopus Howard Kurtz is my favorite thing ever. Kurtz wrote a really iffy piece that rests, ultimately, on What It Means That Newsweek Is Keeping Secret About Its Potential Bidders, which… unlike every other sale process in history, which is oh-so transparent? Now he calls Newsweek "thin-skinned and defensive" for ripping on his piece. More fun please!