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Caveat in the Club

Do you know where your children are… getting healthy by blowing off steam? The health rave is a place to freak out, to get swept up in the emancipated spirit; it’ll get you riled up enough to dance like an idiot, to do somersaults and swing on a rope over a bunch of strangers and not give a hoot who’s watching. It offers you an opportunity to just be yourself, unbound by the repressive mores of the world outside.

But? But.

But it confines transgression to a padded room where no harm can be done and where nothing gets in the way of the penetrating force of productivity. In [...]


How To Make Cyber Sex With Lonely Twitter Sexbots

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time—so we have to ask. In this edition, Venus Patrol founder and IGF chairman Brandon Boyer tells us more about a recent Saturday night sexbot experiment for the ages.

last night i “fed” the lonely sexbots to each other just to see if it would ever reach a logical conclusion:

— Brandon Boyer (@brandonnn) January 22, 2014

Brandon! So what happened here? So, I have a pretty unfortunate pattern of blithely agreeing to everything without really thinking through the ramifications, and this extends into me accepting basically any iMessage [...]


Won't You Save These Homeless Long Words? Send Help Now, Some Stories Are Going Unread!

Longreads wants you to become a member. What do you get? The thing I like best is exclusives: advances on stories before publication. Also I like it when some weirdo I don't know recommends a bunch of stories that maybe I haven't seen before. I do like that! Anyway I gave them thirty whole dollars for a year's membership. That's right, for just $2.50 a year you can keep some starving words from being homeless, won't you give today.


Which Conservative Hooligans Did You Passive-Aggressively Confront This Weekend?

No seriously, which demons did you confront via social media this weekend? Meghan McCain, for one, was busy. My only beef here, I guess, is that when you want to get into it with someone, you actually have to call them. The whole "call me" thing just doesn't work. (via)


Barry Diller and Scott Rudin Aren't Going to Destroy Publishing!

Mike Shatzkin, a "widely-acknowledged thought leader about digital change in the book publishing industry" (his bio), counsels that Brightline, Barry Diller and Scott Rudin's new ebook publishing company with the fun and talented Frances Coady, "would appear to be poised to compete with major publishers for major books." And: "Diller and Rudin, with their Hollywood roots, certainly have access to many of the great story-creators and storytellers." True, but they have two bad choices there in order to compete: explain the finances behind ebooks to authors who are used to being overpaid—"Hey, you get 50%! Of something between zero and infinity dollars!"—or, overpay those authors up front, and [...]


Capone, "We Are Young"

This is how it should be more often. One of the great things about rap music is how quickly it can take a piece of pop culture and interpolate it into hip-hop. The ease with which a hit song (in this case, Fun's "Tonight") can be sampled, looped up, and rhymed over, it's why rap is the most immediate—and sure, lots of times ephemeral and disposable—vehicle for artistic commentary on the times we live in. This was how 50 Cent rose to prominence ten years ago, a steady stream of roughed-up music, quickly made, often using pop songs or other rap songs that were on the [...]


Birds Are Falling From The Sky

"I have never in my life encountered such a thing. I've heard of fish die-offs and other strange natural phenomenon, but I've never experienced one before. It was very strange, but very fun." —Cedar Rapids nature lover Stephen Gwin has been doing a good thing in helping to rescue surviving grebes from among the thousands of dead ones scattered around the Walmart parking lot that a flock of the migratory waterfowl mistook for a much softer landing pad, like a lake, and slammed themselves into. But "fun" is a strange word to read in this instance.


The Plot to Kill the Last Remaining Bodegas

Governor Cuomo's teen fun task force, which was created with a $147,000 grant from the NYC Department of Health to the State Liquor authority, has completed its first mission: The team visited 74 stores (not bars) across the five boroughs, 32 of which sold alcohol to underage decoys.

BAD WORK, bodega adults: In total, the undercover minors were able to purchase alcohol at 32 of premises visited, including one out of 15 stores in the Bronx, 15 out of 16 stores in Brooklyn, 5 out of 21 stores Manhattan, 8 out of 16 stores in Queens, and 3 out of 6 stores on Staten Island. During the investigation, [...]


Michael Grimm For Mayor

Michael Grimm, the former Marine and FBI agent who 1. spent an infamous 17 minutes in a bar bathroom in Bay Ridge, 2. does real estate business with a crook, 3. worked at a customer-gouging Wall Street outfit, 4. ran a restaurant that refused to pay workman's comp and was accused of not paying minimum wage, 5. was investigated by the FBI for fundraising with a dodgy Israeli mystic, 6. once allegedly held a club full of people hostage while waving around a gun (he claims it was in the line of duty, and was never charged), and 7. claims he never told said night club [...]


Which Book Published Today Should You Buy?

So many books. So little time. Every day just brings more! Here's a handy guide to help you choose which new books today you should buy. All of these books are available at your local independent bookseller, including fine establishments like McNally Jackson! Or anywhere else you might care to buy books! Let's begin….

Can we interest you in a reported history of the colonialist construction of the "Middle East" that paved the road to endless instability and death?

Pamela Erens' latest is a tale of two misfits at a fancy boarding school in 1979. The "heiress apparent" to James Salter, goes a blurb! This [...]


Watch Writers Get Rejected In Real Time

4th #millionqueries: far future scifi. begins with rhetorical question (and protag. waking up.) Pass.

— Jennifer Udden (@suddenlyjen) January 23, 2013

10th #millionqueries: literary fiction, story of abuse, obv personal subject but writing doesn't draw me in, nice pass.

— Jennifer Udden (@suddenlyjen) January 23, 2013

Watching Jennifer Udden, a literary agent at Donald Maass, live-tweet her slush pile reading today may upset and offend some people. But it's fascinating AND educational! No seriously, take some notes.


How Are You Going to Celebrate the Return of Digg?

Digg relaunches on Wednesday. Are you ready?


Will Twitter Shut Down This Crazy Thunderclap Experiment Today? Probably!

Today's the day that Thunderclap releases its first mass tweet into the wild. Late this morning, almost 2000 people are going to simultaneously Tweet a message from Matt Taibbi. If you don't know of it, Thunderclap is like Kickstarter for mass tweets: if enough people sign on to a message, it goes live. (This particular tweet now counts its total reach at "3,793,447 people.") I have mixed feelings about this project! It's sort of genius? And yet I also dislike shilling and intrusiveness on Twitter. (And FYI, we "signed on" to this tweet as an experiment, because we wanted to see what would happen. In other disclaimer news, [...]


New E-Bookstore Has Best FAQ Ever

Hey hey, it's a book club! And this is how it works. There's a celeriac metaphor in there for you.


The Creative Class Is Moving To Bloomington, Indiana This Summer

Two years ago, we told you that the creative class was bailing out of the big cities and setting up shop in Moscow, Idaho. It went pretty well! This year, Summer Commune is organizing to take place in…. Bloomington, Indiana, for the month of July: Home to Lil' Bub the cat, record labels JAGJAGUWAR and Secretly Canadian, the famed Kinsey Institute, and John Cougar Mellencamp, Bloomington, Indiana feels hidden away although it's pretty centrally located. It's far enough from the city to feel like farm country, but close enough to a major airport to make getting there super easy.

Intrigued? You can find out more [...]


What Are Those Crazy Sounds In The New Classical Music? And How Does One Write Them Down?

My friend Christopher Trapani is a composer of classical music. Apparently he is quite a good one, having won the Julius F. Ježek and Gaudeamus Prizes, among others. Also, one of his pieces was performed at Carnegie Hall, which I've heard of.

Before I met Chris I assumed that new classical music mostly involved people trying to find new discordant ways to extract terrible sounds from instruments that were designed to produce pleasant ones. It turns out that's exactly what it is, but with program notes like this: "Florence in 1899, or the unexplored ends of the earth. An exotic wash of sonorities, mystical metallic shades—almglocken, steel drum, [...]


Run, Jeb, Run! (Number 394 in a Series)

GREAT NEWS AMERICA. We might get a Jeb Bush candidacy yet! The news is a-flurry with Jeb Bush news, though actual flurries have canceled his flight to D.C. today so he will not be Making News at the Cato Kaelin Institute tonight, with his pronouncements about the future of our race wars.

Question: "Is Jeb Bush the Republicans' Hillary Clinton?

Answer: No.

Question: What does this mean? "I’m not saying yes, I’m just not saying no. I’ve accomplished some things in my life that allow me now to — to have that kind of discretion, to be able to think about it."

Answer: He made lots [...]


Naked Men: Should They Be Allowed In San Francisco?

There is an "aesthetic problem" in San Francisco, right now. Men, naked, outside, in the Castro! "Most people just don't think older men look good naked," says a newspaper reporter on KQED's public nudity program, Forum. Also, it's so cold sometimes. Mark Twain has a famous quote about being naked in the Castro, because it's so chilly. And county supervisor Scott Wiener (come on) has proposed a new law that would make most people have to wear clothes outside, most of the time.


Lil Wayne And Big Sean, "My Homies Still"

The video for Lil Wayne's new song is like a combination of The Burbs, Mannequin, Beetlejuice, and "Don't Come Around Here No More." It's like the late-'80s aesthetic might be making a comeback or something.


The Highly Enjoyable Keith Olbermann Lawsuit

I finally read the Olbermann filing against his former employer, Current TV, because it's Friday and I needed a laugh. (PDF.) It's pretty dramatic and overly aggrieved and not that damning, but then all he's claiming is that contracts were breached; it's not like anyone punched him. On the plus side, at least Olbermann is represented by real lawyers—Patricia Glaser (who did well for Conan!) and litigator Jill Basinger. Among Olbermann's complaints: Olbermann was treated as if he was hired to be a puppet! Not literally, I guess, or this would be a much better read.