Caveat in the Club

Caveat in the Club

Do you know where your children are… getting healthy by blowing off steam?

The health rave is a place to freak out, to get swept up in the emancipated spirit; it’ll get you riled up enough to dance like an idiot, to do somersaults and swing on a rope over a bunch of strangers and not give a hoot who’s watching. It offers you an opportunity to just be yourself, unbound by the repressive mores of the world outside.

But? But.

But it confines transgression to a padded room where no harm can be done and where nothing gets in the way of the penetrating force of productivity. In fact it channels nightlife’s wasted libidinal energy and converts it into a force for spiritual, emotional, and physical self-optimization. Rather than wasting the value produced — spilling it like sperm on the floor — the health rave saves and harnesses that expenditure, streamlining the ritual for optimal results.

Intentionally enjoying yourself is a nightmare. (Photo via Morgan Harrison.)