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What TV Character Have You Wanted to Be?

TV—we watch so much of it, it's only inevitable that eventually we'd want to be it too: time-traveling, crime-solving, vampire-slaying, endless-cheeseburgers-at-Luke's-Diner-eating heroes. Once while on a particularly grueling rowing trip on the Hudson River, I motivated myself by picturing Pam Beesly's walk across the hot coals on "The Office." It worked. We asked a group of the small-screen-obsessed to tell us which TV characters they most wanted to be growing up and/or which ones they wished they could be now. Here's what they said.

Joe Adalian

If you weren't an 11-year-old boy in 1982, you probably have never heard of Phineas Bogg, or the show in which he [...]


Generation 'FNL'

I was born in Houston, Texas. By the time I was three years old, I was living in New Jersey for the long haul. My family has no true roots in Texas, so leaving it was not a major upheaval. My father always said that Texas was the best place he ever lived. Maybe it was the best place I never really lived. This weekend, the story of the best place that none of us have ever lived—Dillon, Texas—comes to a close. After five seasons, "Friday Night Lights" finishes up, sending those ochre-tinged Texan spaces that have come to feel like home into cold blue digital storage.

"Friday Night Lights" [...]


Call Now! Share Your Feeeeeeelings About "Friday Night Lights"

The forthcoming GQ podcast, with the lady Ana Marie Cox, is going to be about the wonder that is "Friday Night Lights." And guess what? I just watched the series finale last night! Oh my God, I couldn't believe it when Tammy totally ____ and then Julie _____! And Coach Taylor was all ____!!! No I mean, he never talks, he totally didn't say anything at all, but his terrific hair was speaking volumes. (Is it possible to be in love with hair?) So here is the hotline to Ana Marie (or at least her digital recorder), and she would like people like YOU to discuss what the show [...]