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Ditz, Lightweight, Mooncalf, Naïf: The Second-Class Status Of Stevie Nicks

Stephanie Lynn “Stevie” Nicks turns 65 on Sunday. As the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist she has written and sung some of the most indelible songs of the rock era.

The band has long since entered the pantheon of Rock Greatness as a “legacy act.” When your local classic-rock station plays “Go Your Own Way” and “Rhiannon” back-to-back on “Two for Tuesday,” do you drum along on your steering wheel? Of course you do! You’re only human!

And yet. While Stevie—I’m going to call her “Stevie” because, like all icons, she invites familiarity while retaining a core of mystery—has enough solo hits to avoid [...]


Song Covered

Go here for Best Coast's cover of the inescapable Fleetwood Mac song "Rhiannon." It's a terrific take, even—or perhaps especially—if you're someone for whom the droning faux-mystic tones of Stevie Nicks inspires thoughts of warm baths and sharp blades.


Conventional Wisdom Spun Through Blender So Many Times It Comes Out Hip

Apparently that album Rumours your folks were always going on about is pretty good.


Bird Songs For The Apocalypse (Or, The Last Mixtape Any Of Us Will Ever Listen To)

I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise that a list of rock songs with the word "bird" in the title would be a list of great songs. After all, birds fly (or, well, they used to) and rock stars like to pretend to fly by using drugs and airplanes. Anyway, with the recent planetary news, birds are on the brain. It's not hard to connect the dots (though it is very hard to do so as wonderfully as some other people do): the world needs a soundtrack to end to. And, actually, we could do worse.


How To Understand White People

"Every thanksgiving I listen to [Fleetwood Mac's Rumours] and watch The Big Chill. I feel like it's made me understand white people a little better." I can't argue with this logic.