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Caveat in the Club

Do you know where your children are… getting healthy by blowing off steam? The health rave is a place to freak out, to get swept up in the emancipated spirit; it’ll get you riled up enough to dance like an idiot, to do somersaults and swing on a rope over a bunch of strangers and not give a hoot who’s watching. It offers you an opportunity to just be yourself, unbound by the repressive mores of the world outside.

But? But.

But it confines transgression to a padded room where no harm can be done and where nothing gets in the way of the penetrating force of productivity. In [...]


The Workout Artist

On the off chance that you haven’t yet decided which unrealistically ambitious exercise regimen to undertake this winter, I’d like to make a pitch for one that might seem, initially, only a few ticks less dubious than a fat-melting jiggle machine. I speak of FOCUS T25, the latest set of workout DVD’s from Shaun T., former Mariah Carey-backup dancer and creator of both INSANITY and Hip-Hop Abs. These DVD’s aren’t just the best workouts you’ll encounter in 2014; they may—and I’m pretty sure this is not just the endorphins talking—be the best works of art you’ll encounter all year too.

For months a friend had been recommending T25 [...]


Perhaps You Would Like To Listen To "The Stand" During Your 47-Hour Run?

"While it’s true that a Stephen King book can make hearts race, churning through The Shining generally doesn’t qualify as a cardiovascular workout. Not in print, anyway. So what about listening to an audiobook version of the horror classic during a run?"