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What Makes A Fatberg

"Last week, officials at Thames Water removed a 30,000-pound lump of lard from a trunk line sewer beneath the London suburb of Kingston. It was the fattest fatberg ever recovered from the London sewers, and by extension, probably the largest subterranean grease clump in U.K. history." Read on, asswipes are involved.


Oregon Burger Chain Apparently Trying To Discourage Customers From Overindulging

A Portland-area burger chain has followed in the footsteps of the much less caloric chain Red Mango and added calorie, fat, and fiber information to its receipts, along with suggestions on how you can make your order healthier. (Sample tip: "If you are trying to eat healthier, try 'holding the chipotle mayo' on your sandwich and save 180 calories and 18 grams of fat." Noted! Also, ew, mayo.) So this way, while you're waiting for your Half Pound Colossal Cheeseburger to be prepared at your local Burgerville, you can sit back and think hard about what you're about to do to yourself — or, you know, just [...]


There Is More Than Just Sperm On You

"Water vapor is not the only thing in that sopping summer air. It also contains aerosols — both solid and liquid. They may have condensed from the gases that emerge from your tailpipe or from a factory chimney, or they may have risen into the air from the ground: tiny particles of silicon, organic matter, threads, starch, spores, bacterial cells, tire rubber. One of the most common aerosols in New York City air, thanks in part to the booming restaurant scene, is fat. The aerosols and the water vapor together make summer soup. A halo of water condenses upon each bit of stuff, and this spicy mixture sloshes against your [...]


You Have Beautiful Tubby Eyes

Police in Peru have arrested five members of a gang suspected of killing people for their fat, which they would drain from the victims' bodies and sell on the international black market as a treatment for wrinkles. While experts are skeptical that such a market exists, I don't think we should be so quick to dismiss it: Given the demographics of this country, this may in fact be the perfect method by which we subsidize health care.


Is It Okay To Eat Nothing But Crispy Saturated-Fat-Filled Turkey Skin Tomorrow?

"Tofurkey is offensive, linguistically and culturally. If you want to eat turkey, eat turkey. Tofu doesn't look or taste or smell like turkey at all. If you make tofu, own it and treat it like tofu and call it tofu." —Dr. James Hamblin, the Atlantic's health editor, answers all your Thanksgiving health questions about turkey skin, calories and taking a bowl of gravy and a pack of cigarettes to your childhood bedroom.