There Is More Than Just Sperm On You

“Water vapor is not the only thing in that sopping summer air. It also contains aerosols — both solid and liquid. They may have condensed from the gases that emerge from your tailpipe or from a factory chimney, or they may have risen into the air from the ground: tiny particles of silicon, organic matter, threads, starch, spores, bacterial cells, tire rubber. One of the most common aerosols in New York City air, thanks in part to the booming restaurant scene, is fat. The aerosols and the water vapor together make summer soup. A halo of water condenses upon each bit of stuff, and this spicy mixture sloshes against your skin, leaving behind a bit of fat and water, while picking up a few of your skin cells for its own purposes.”
— You know how every now and again some local news station whips out the strobe light and takes it to a nearby hotel so they can report that there’s sperm on everything? You know the barely-concealed glee with which they tell you, “Oh my God, there is splooge ALL AROUND YOU. You are practically SOAKING IN IT!” Well, this is just like that, but a lot more Science-y, a lot grosser, and somehow a lot more glee-filled.