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Oh Those "Crazy" One Direction Fans

"The girls aren't crazy—they're just excited." Early on in the One Direction documentary This Is Us, a neuroscientist details the dopamine rush a fan feels when she thinks about the band, and provides confirmation for what Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne have always insisted: Directioners are not crazy—and they're not to be ignored. In interview after interview over the past three years, usually surrounded by thousands of screaming young women, the band has politely corrected reporters who characterize their followers as "insane" or "deranged." "We prefer 'passionate,'" they'll demur. "Or 'dedicated.'"

There’s more to this than semantics. Possibly you don’t realize how [...]


Look Back in Eyeliner: Three Girls at a Duran Duran Sleepover in 1984

Today is Nick Rhodes' 50th birthday. He's the youngest member of Duran Duran, so they, the pretty mascara-ed wild-boy new romantics, are all safely embarked on their 50s now. They remain pretty (and I'm not just being polite, they do), and Nick hasn't stopped wearing mascara and I hope he's pleased every day with all the new de-clumping formulas available, but still, it gives you vertigo. Do the jumpsuits still fit? Does John Taylor ever avoid invitations to go out so he can stay home and watch Veronica Mars? Does Simon LeBon say to friends at dinner, "Lately if I drink more than two glasses of red wine, I [...]


Note From A Fanboy, by Adam Frucci: Ideas For Conan!

Conan O'Brien really might leave The Tonight Show. He's taken the high road with that letter that you've surely read by now, and good for him. Maybe he'll walk. Is that so bad? Conan's brief run on The Tonight Show has not been great, and I say that as an enthusiast.


New Order v. Shakespeare In The Park

"First In Line" goes deep with people who are first in line. In this issue: Shakespeare in the Park and New Order in Williamsburg Park.

Aaron and Chris, New Order

The Awl: Tell me about your relationship with New Order's music. How far back does it go? Do you listen to them every day, still?

Aaron: I got into them my junior year of high school, and I remember at the time I was just going through like, typical high school drama and I'd have like, a new girlfriend every month or so, and I remember their first album I bought was "Power, Corruption and Lies," and it was [...]


Comic Hero Fanboys Make Terrible Comic Hero Movies

Once a refuge for the maladjusted and the childish—and a cool dip in the pop art pool for the rest of our tired masses trudging through another summer—the comic book movie has shed its pulp trappings. It now strives for middlebrow respectability as a box office tactic. The new pitch is: After a hard day of tooling around in your Prius listening to "This American Life," why not come to the theater and spend some time with your pal Iron Man (played by Less Than Zero star Robert Downey Jr., so don’t forget to get a head start on your 80s party!) instead of curling up in front of the [...]


Musical Notes From All Over

"A one-legged rocker who removed his false limb at an Alice Cooper gig and punched a fan in the face when he was asked to calm down has been convicted of causing actual bodily harm."


Will Snor'eastercane Sandy Destroy NYC? This Weatherdude Says "OMG YES"

Our latest snor'eastercane update. My odds for NYC impacts from #Sandy are now 2-in-3:

— Eric Holthaus (@WSJweather) October 24, 2012

Here she comes. Hurricane Sandy terribly abused Jamaica last night, and is en route, possibly, maybe, up the Eastern seaboard, where she has a hot date with a nor'easter blowing across the U.S. This has weather folks very excited. But none are more excited than the Wall Street Journal's Eric Holthaus. We'd like you to get to know him. He's the most fun of all the weather dudes who are absolutely freaking out right now. Then go out and buy all the [...]


"There Could be the Greatest Review of a Band on Pitchfork…": A Weekend with Superchunk

Mac McCaughan was in the middle of singing a song at a record store while his wife was struggling to keep their 3-year-old son from tumbling headfirst out of her grasp. This took place yesterday, a little after 1 p.m., during an acoustic set-the sort of thing reliably advertised as "intimate"-which McCaughan was playing with two of his Superchunk bandmates, over at New York's Other Music. (The band's bassist, Laura Ballance, appeared to only have electric gear on this trip, and so was watching this performance from the back wall.) McCaughan's wife and their two children (ages 3 and 7) had been either standing, hoisted or seated on the [...]