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Era Of Bathtub Nicotine Over

"You won't be able to mix nicotine in your bathtub and sell it anymore."


Fake Smoking Gets Real, I Dunno, Art Thing

"NJOYs. Blus. Smokefrees. V2s. All manner of customized vaporizers. This is the moment of the e-cigarette, or more precisely, the Electronic Nicotine Delivery Device (ENDD). Day by day, the broader public is learning (and contesting) what it means to 'vape': how one does it, where one can do it, and what it means to do so. As individuals, industries, and governments stumble towards definitions, Rhizome has commissioned a group of artists and critics to present analyses—historical, political, social, anticipatory—of this technology and the discursive field that is emerging around it."


Fake Smokers Insist On Fake Word For Fake Smoking

"In a city where the technocratic mayor prides himself on making decisions based on the evidence, the proposed ban [on electronic cigarettes] produced one of the most scientifically vague and emotionally charged health committee hearings in recent memory. Anyone who used the word 'smoke' or 'smoking to refer to electronic cigarettes, which typically contain nicotine, was instantly corrected by audience members hissing 'Vapor!' and 'Vaping!'"


Fake Cigarette Causes Real Explosion

"I put the e-cigarette on charge in my iPad charger, which I have done countless times before. I heard a huge bang that sounded like a firework. I turned around to see a ball of fire weaving about. I saw Laura running away and thought somebody had thrown a firework. A punter pointed to the e-cigarette that I had been charging and it was still smoking. It had burnt through the vinyl floor as well. When the battery exploded the end shot across the room and hit one punter in the stomach and left him with a red mark. I just keep thinking what if this had happened while I [...]


Man Tells National Newspaper About His Bavarian Cream Fake Smoking Habit

"I blow out a Bavarian cream vape, and it smells like Christmas at grandma’s house," says an adult male who presumably has a terrific sense of humor about the absurdity of the world and his place in it.


Group Advocates For Fake Smokers

"A smokers' advocacy group says it has sued New York City seeking to overturn the city's ban on electronic cigarettes."


Man Who Says "Vaping" And "Disruptive" In Same Sentence Somehow Not Immediately Beaten To Death

“Vaping is one of those new disruptive technologies that could very well overtake the tobacco business and tobacco companies,” says a man whose "swagger" is characterized as "not unwarranted."

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