Fake Cigarette Causes Real Explosion

“I put the e-cigarette on charge in my iPad charger, which I have done countless times before. I heard a huge bang that sounded like a firework. I turned around to see a ball of fire weaving about. I saw Laura running away and thought somebody had thrown a firework. A punter pointed to the e-cigarette that I had been charging and it was still smoking. It had burnt through the vinyl floor as well. When the battery exploded the end shot across the room and hit one punter in the stomach and left him with a red mark. I just keep thinking what if this had happened while I was charging it at home. I might have been out and the damage could have been horrendous. When I looked back at the footage I saw how close the fireball came to Laura’s head. If she was stood a couple of inches to the right she could have been badly hurt.”
— This near-tragic story offers a video component in which you can “Watch e-cigarette EXPLODE and set fire to barmaid in busy pub,” although if you are the sort of person to whom that appeals I have to imagine you have already heard about it from whatever sick fuck listserv provides you with your human misery video links.