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US unemployment rate

— cigolo (@cigolo) May 2, 2014

Unemploy rates by education: No high school degree (8.9%), HS degree (6.3%), 2 yr deg or some college (5.7%), college+ (3.3%)

— Zachary Goldfarb (@Goldfarb) May 2, 2014

Labor force participation collapsed back to 62.8%…where it was in the late '70s.

— Matt Phillips (@MatthewPhillips) May 2, 2014

@MatthewPhillips Get ready for further collapse:

— kevin kane (@kevinjosephkane) May 2, 2014

Almost there! After April, we're just 120K jobs away from recovering all the jobs lost in the Great Recession!

— Matt Phillips (@MatthewPhillips) [...]


Armadillos Are Illegal To Sell In Texas And Extraordinarily Well Endowed

“I’m telling you the law. It’s illegal to sell a living armadillo. By statute. Dead armadillos you can sell parts of them. Make a curio of a little armadillo on his back drinking a bottle of beer.” —Scott Vaca, in Gail Collins' op-ed in today's Times, which is actually about Herman Cain and how Collins will not be writing about him anymore. Did you know that a male armadillo's penis is two-thirds the length of its entire body? I did not.


Conclusive Evidence: Gay Men Earn Less Than Straight Men

A six-month review of "every article on lesbian and gay economics" published since the early 1990s has been published. Would you like the takeaway? "The vast preponderance of economic research shows that gay men earn less than straight men." This research project was undertaken to counteract years of work by marketers, who for some time now have created the idea of the "gay market" as an "untapped gold mine" of discretionary, brand-conscious income—since, to be fair, somewhat tapped!


Taking The Silver Cure

In 2002, RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan told a reporter from Blender about his post-9/11 health routine: drinking colloidal silver daily. "During the Black Plague, a lot of rich people didn't get sick… because of the metal intake—the silver in their bodies from their silverware and dishes," he said. Blender published the article under the excellent headline "IS THE RZA TURNING BLUE?" He has not, as far as we know.

Recently I sent an email to Silver List, a listserv of colloidal silver enthusiasts who share their experiences and advice about making and taking the liquid, asking for people who would talk to a journalist. I included a [...]


“Humans like GIFs."

“Humans like GIFs. Humans like super famous 13-year-olds who don’t look or act 13. Humans like to see other humans making asses of themselves and wear very expensive dresses. HUMANS LIKE SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS." —Mary H.K. Choi offers a pretty good assessment of what people are on about.


Dave Eggers Still Can't Figure Out Magazines, God Bless

"It's impossible that you have a million subscribers paying 50 bucks a year and it can't work," said Dave Eggers last Thursday, about the death of Gourmet, over at the Berkeley School of Journalism. Yes, that is actually impossible! And not so great that he keeps opining about the death of publishing with a complete lack of understanding how publishing works. Each issue of Gourmet actually brought in revenue of $1.18. A one-year subscription could be had at $15. The $50 a year figure is nonsense. And yet! He's right at heart, if not in fact. Gourmet made (and obviously spent!) a lot of money-they made $12 [...]


Ross Douthat on Abortion: A Case of Op-Ed Malpractice

I feel for Times op-ed contributor Ross Douthat—at times. He has to work extra-hard to communicate ideas about religion to atheists and Christians alike, and also to lock down his cases against hedonism and "pre-marital sex" and abortion, consulting as he does for a liberal paper in a liberal town. And as a religious person, he has to both obey and articulate his faith's professed principles of empathy, even while being a polemicist. This is a sticky situation! So it's reasonable that he sometimes succeeds at one but fails at the other.

This weekend, however, he's gone too far. He's mangled and misrepresented a major study to his own [...]


Let's Mine More American Coal! It Creates Jobs in India and South Korea

"Federal land in Wyoming holding roughly 750 million tons of coal will be leased to mining companies, the Interior Department announced." We're really getting the larger culture war on all fronts these days, aren't we! But good news for haters of America: all that coal just makes overseas jobs.


Teabaggers Should Have Voted Democrat

The teabaggers (Blissfully unaware? Here!) want to halt the "borrow-and-spend-like-there's-no-tomorrow approach" down in Washington. Guess they'll be voting Democrat next time.