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Poisonous Monkey Thing Found Somewhere, Is Already Endangered

A weird little primate with a poisonous bite has been discovered in Borneo. We are still finding new primates! Of course, the creature is already threatened with extinction. Nycticebus kayan is a new species of slow loris. It looks kind of like a little bear with a striped demon face. So cute!

But the new loris is already under threat from the Asian pet trade in part because its "teddy-bear face" make it attractive for illegal poaching, the team of UK and US scientists said.

So, animal trappers working for exotic pet stores in Asia found this new lemur-like venomous creature before the biologists managed to identify it. [...]


Researchers Produce Vomit-Inducing Story

Scientists in Moscow have genetically altered mice so that they produce human milk. I don't care what the hell disease they're trying to cure with this one, it is just ewww.


Get Ready To Eat Some Bugs

"Bugs are high in protein, low in fat and efficient to cultivate—10 kilograms (22 pounds) of feed yields six to eight kilograms of insect meat compared to one kilogram of beef, states the university's research. Insects are abundant, produce less greenhouse gas and manure, and do not transfer any diseases, when eaten, that can mutate into a dangerous human form, say the researchers." —I ate a grasshopper (or, as Marian Peters, secretary of the Dutch insect breeders association, Venik, would call it, "the caviar of insects") at a sushi restaurant once. It was fried crispy and drenched in soy sauce. It didn't taste bad, but about halfway through chewing, [...]


All That And A Bag of MEAT CHIPS

Here's an important advance in the war against obesity: "Rather than tucking into a bag of potato crisps, consumers will be encouraged to dip their hand into a packet of crisps made of pulverised beef or turkey crisps. Thin, crunchy, high in protein and low in fat, the bizarre invention is being developed in a laboratory in North Yorkshire as a healthy alternative to a bag of fatty cheese and onion flavoured crisps." But… how would it happen?