All That And A Bag of MEAT CHIPS

They're gonna go one better!

Here’s an important advance in the war against obesity: “Rather than tucking into a bag of potato crisps, consumers will be encouraged to dip their hand into a packet of crisps made of pulverised beef or turkey crisps. Thin, crunchy, high in protein and low in fat, the bizarre invention is being developed in a laboratory in North Yorkshire as a healthy alternative to a bag of fatty cheese and onion flavoured crisps.” But… how would it happen?

The application for the patent lays out the ingredients and method of creating this novel idea. The raw meat is pulverised and mixed with an emulsion. Then seasoning is added along with a range of binding agents — egg albumin, k-carrageenan, and lipophilic modified starches are all listed as possible ingredients — and the concoction is heated gently in a wrapper before being sliced into thin pieces and then microwaved to make them crispier.

The meat chips, expected to be sold in “Pringles-style tubes,” will be lower in calories, fat, and sodium than regular potato chips, and may come in flavors such as regular, garlic, and bovine spongiform encephalopathy.