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Conservatives Bravely Blame Everything, Especially Romney, For Romney's Loss

Election Day is … not quite over, is it? But it's close enough to finally read those liberal Electoral College projections that have predicted a solid Obama win since forever. If it turns out that Mitt Romney already lost, as John Ziegler wrote in the Huffington Post today, then the most important thing is to find something (or someone) to blame. Oh, look, there's a $100-million punching bag right over there! His name is Mittens, and he's not even a real Christian, so have at him!

It's Hurricane Sandy's Fault

GOP caricature Haley Barbour was sent out to tell CNN viewers that Hurricane Sandy killed Mitt's longshot chance. [...]


Pop Quiz: Did Carl Paladino Say This?

Buffalo is buzzing over native son Carl Paladino, Republican candidate for governor of the State of New York. Given Buffalo's losing streak generally, Carl probably does not have a great shot at the statehouse come November. But recent polls do indicate that in today's Republican primary, Carl is virtually tied with Rick Lazio. You may remember Rick as the guy who wagged his finger at First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on her march to the Foggy Bottom.

One gesture also epitomizes Carl and his supporters. Because if one political sign dominates front lawn acreage here in Buffalo, it is Paladino's middle finger of a sign.


It's Actually Sad That You Didn't Vote

Here is a screed by John Carney, blogger, against voting today in New York City. You can pick it apart on ideology or ethics any way you like, and there are many ways (for instance, politicians aren't all "doppelgangers"! While most are total scuzzballs, some of them will make different choices than some others, it turns out!) but mostly it just left me sad. It's like reading the ten different rationales that a drunk talks himself into another drink. It's like reading about disaffected post-adolescents sexting each other in New York magazine! If you aren't sure about voting today, lemme give you one good reason: voting against Mike Bloomberg [...]