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My Summer on the Content Farm

Remember that “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy and Ethel take jobs in the chocolate factory and the conveyor belt starts pumping out candy faster than they can pack it in the wrappers so they start stuffing their faces and cleavage with the excess, cowering from the intimidating factory matron? That’s kind of what it’s like to work for Demand Media, as I found out during a brief, ill-fated stint as a freelance copy editor at the 17th largest web property in the U.S. this summer.


Will "Editing" Become The New Hot Trend In Internet Publishing?

Fark creator Drew Curtis on the innovation in internet media that will, he believes, move us all beyond the flogged-to-death concept of "crowdsourcing": "The real power in social media happens when that one person in a million comes up with an awesome idea, and those who can do so kick it to the front of the line. Speeding up this process is the next great advance in social media. Some will probably call this Web 3.0. I call it editing." But what if those editors just have the "awesome idea" of following the masses anyway and dressing up their lemminglike ways with innovation-hinting buzzwords?