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Checking in with the Ebola Day Traders

A few days ago, there was a sense among the addled death-shorting Twitter community that "Ebola stocks"—by then shorthand for a specific set of companies that mostly make protective equipment—weren't a great investment. Sure, demand for their products must be up, and their prospects for making money must have improved, but their ability to rain down hot cash on fast-clicking maniacs was diminished. Of course the existence of a horrible virus that has killed thousands of people and will kill thousands more is categorically bad news, but that's beside the point. What isn't beside the point, is a better question to ask of our financial markets.

There was [...]


The American Ebola Story

This is the App Store ranking history for an app called Plague Inc. It's a game in which players design and deploy a disease into the world with the goal of infecting the entire planet—to win the game you must infect every country, no exceptions. The game has been around for a while—the CDC invited its creator to speak to the agency's staff last year. The pretense, according to a CDC spokesperson: "Meeting with industry leaders is a great way to learn more about reaching new audiences through mobile apps." The game's sales spiked on October 1st, immediately after the hospitalization of Thomas Duncan in Dallas. Ebola felt [...]


Brink Year

Which cascading threat are you afraid of, personally, as the end of the year crests the horizon? Cascading disease? In a worst-case hypothetical scenario, should the outbreak continue with recent trends, the case burden could gain an additional 77,181 to 277,124 cases by the end of 2014.

Cascading militancy? Turkey’s failure thus far to help choke off the oil trade symbolizes the magnitude of the challenges facing the administration both in assembling a coalition to counter the Sunni militant group and in starving its lifeblood. ISIS’ access to cash is critical to its ability to recruit members, meet its growing payroll of fighters, expand its reach and operate [...]


Up Next: Flying Ebola

"Fears are growing that the most lethal form of the Ebola virus can mutate into an airborne pathogen, making the spread of the terrifying disease more difficult to check. It was previously thought the untreatable virus, which causes massive internal bleeding and multiple organ failure, could only be transmitted through contact with infected blood. But now Canadian researchers have carried out experiments showing how monkeys can catch the deadly disease from infected pigs without coming into direct contact."


Your Ebola Halloween Costume: A User's Guide

So you're doing "Ebola" for your halloween costume this year. You've found a topical novelty outfit online, or maybe you've just purchased some cheap and readily available medical clothing, knowing that your peers will have no problem guessing what it's supposed to represent.

But "Ebola" is going to be a very popular costume this year. You're not the only person who heard about this epidemic on the news! If you want to stand out—if you want to be the star of the party, by evoking Ebola hemorrhagic fever—you need to study up. Here are some helpful facts that you can recite to your friends in order to give [...]


"Calm Down," the Movie, Part II

The White House Briefing Room would have been empty if the remaining reporters had anywhere to go. It was the fourth scheduled press conference that had come and gone without so much as a knock on the barricaded door. Before the TVs went out, things seemed to be slowing down. But before the internet went out, there were rumors of infection in the West Wing. By the time the phones went out, there was no doubt.

Among the reporters and low-level aides stuck in this room was a young man. A writer. Others were worried and devastated. He seemed merely preoccupied, his brow furrowed as if he was [...]


Expert Made Available

Every morning, that first glance at your email is a concession and a gamble. It is a concession that this day will proceed in the manner of ___days past, and that you agree to deal with whatever shows up in your inbox, either by consciously engaging with it or consciously ignoring it; it is a simple wager that nothing too horrible has arrived since you last checked. A good gambler would look at the inbox (Unread: 1,642) and see only downside. And yet the tab stays open. And this morning:

Good morning and welcome to the first full week of August.


Countdown to the Last-Ever October Surprise

It's election season. It's October. According to the political-astrological calendar, this is very important: It's time for an October surprise. Juan Williams thinks the surprise will be war: To be clear, Republicans remain a slight favorite to win enough seats to claim the majority of the U.S. Senate. But the twists and turns of war have the capacity to create one legendary October political surprise.

He is using the conspiratorial definition of "October Surprise," as opposed to the literal surprise definition. War for votes. Bob Beckel, conspiracy theorist, agrees: "I think I know what it is, but it is going to shake things up…it’s going to have to [...]


"Calm Down," the Movie

A group of young people return from a week in a remote and disconnected cabin only to find their home city in chaos. Ebola has arrived, and it has gone airborne. Panic and grief overtake these old friends, who don't know what to do. One suggests hiding in her apartment, a converted loft with steel doors, sealed windows, and some canned food. Another offers up his uncle's home in the countryside. One friend, who had been silent since that first abandoned toll booth, interrupts. "We must find him. He can't think we've forgotten."

"Who?" asks the woman with the loft. "We don't have time!" By now even the sirens [...]


Ebola and You

An outbreak of Ebola is on track to become the largest in history, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. There are now over 500 recorded cases spread across Guinea and Sierra Leone; the last few appeared in Monrovia, a dense city with about half a million people (and another half a million clustered close nearby).

In the history of Ebola, this is Very Bad: It's major outbreak in an unexpected location. But coinciding with this horrifying story seems to be a sterilization of the news itself—the b-matter in these stories is soft, considering. Here's how NPR backs readers up: Ebola often kills around two-thirds of [...]