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Easter In New York City


Bunny Still Dead

How did you celebrate Easter? I personally welcomed our Lord's return by drinking an unwise amount, a decision for which I am currently paying the inevitable price. But, you know, it's the resurrection; if you're not gonna rejoice in that, what are you going to rejoice in? Anyway, He is risen. As this news report points out, the same thing can't be said for the bunny. This morning I am feeling a lot more like the bunny than the other guy.


Easter Is Really Screwing Up The Labor Department's Month

For the second straight week, Labor Department economists are ascribing an uptick in the number of initial jobless claims to Easter-the 18,000-claim gain for the week ending April 3 was attributed to the holiday coming up, while the 24,000 increase for the week ending April 10 was blamed on both Easter and Cesar Chavez Day. The latter is a state holiday in California, which The Wall Street Journal referred to in its report as "worker-heavy." (Ironically? Who even knows!) According to Bloomberg this is actually the second of three weeks that Easter will muck up the jobless-claim stats, thanks to its floating-holiday status making it tough to seasonally [...]


What Does The Lamb With Five Legs Mean?

A lamb with an extra leg was born on Easter Sunday at a farm in Northumberland, England. Named, "Quinto," the lamb has a fifth leg sticking out of the middle of its chest, between its normal front two legs. For some strange reason, it has taken a full five (5) days for video to reach YouTube, but it is finally here. She's cute! And thriving! The extra leg does not hinder her walking and she has become a tourist attraction. (Though it remains unclear whether or not she was featured in any of the "beastie shows" or bottle-feeding exhibitions the farm offered as part of its "Easter Eggstravaganza.") [...]


99 Excellent Easter Drawings

Are you enjoying Blown Covers, the blog for the book of the same name, which presents awesome New Yorker-esque covers and art, hosted by the magazine's art director, but not affiliated with the magazine? Apart from the confusion in mission, I certainly am. Here are 99 Easter cartoons.


Easter Peep Show Contest: A Total Robbery!

The 4th annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest was won by a clever take on the movie Up-but the winner should clearly have been entry #33, a genius Peep reenactment of the infamous D.C. snowball fight that ended with a police officer drawing a gun.


All I Know Is That Cadbury Eggs Are For A Limited Time Only

Passover begins tonight, and while I do not worship the G_d of Israel, I dig matzo and Observing this Religious occasion because I was raised on Television, where one of the best things I was conditioned to enjoy when I was a child was this movie they put on every year around this time called The Ten Commandments, by the movie director Cecil B. DeMille, and starring Charlton Heston, who would later go on to be a gun enthusiast and star in even cooler movies where he would do stuff like fight apes on a whole planet full of them, be The Omega Man, and tell everybody what [...]


'Come On All You Ghosts' Gets Rave

Here is a nice Times rave for Matthew Zapruder's latest collection of poems, Come On All You Ghosts. You will remember him from, yes, the poetry section. Don't you just want to spend your weekend laying down, with your feet out the window, reading some poetry? Like, starting now?


The 11 Best Egg-Shaped Easter Candies

11. Cadbury Mini Eggs 10. Cadbury Hollow Eggs Filled With Cadbury Mini Crisp Eggs 9. Whoppers Robin Eggs