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Neighborhood Demographics Shifting

"But walking around the East Village, I just want to cry at the state of it. There are so many fuckin’ jocks everywhere! It’s like a frat house everywhere. There are all those terrible bars like The 13th Step, and it’s just spreading over to A and B. And now, in Williamsburg, you have all these frat guys dressed as alternatives. I don’t know if it’s a sign of the times, but where are the real weirdos?" They have apparently moved to Park Slope.


Come Celebrate the East Village's Bodegas Tomorrow

From the inbox: BODEGA WALK SATURDAY, Saturday February 2nd @ Noon 11th Street and Avenue A. Join us!!!!

As part of our resistance against the incursion of 7-11s into the East Village we are inviting you to come with us on the first walking tour of our neighborhood bodegas. We love these corner stores and need them to stay open and intact. When a 7-11 opens the bodegas nearby always take a hit, often a lethal one. During Sandy bodegas remained open and gave their perishable food away. Whole Foods didn’t. Will 7-11? The existence of each of these unique bodegas supports the reality that our neighborhood is a [...]


Saving the St. Mark's Bookshop (From Itself)

The St. Mark's Bookshop has been the beneficiary of a much-Twittered petition to its landlord this last week. Just a little over two years ago, the bookstore signed a new ten-year lease for $20,000 a month. ($240,000 a year; that's 9,234 full-price hardback copies of The Art of Fielding, or, 36% of Chad Harbach's advance for The Art of Fielding.) That lease expires in a bit under eight years. Now the owners say it's onerous (so what were they thinking!?) and they have a meeting with their landlord, Cooper Union, this week. (Their last meeting was ineffectual, the owners said; since, a City Councilmember and [...]


Showed Up: Matt Marks' "Post-Christian Nihilist Pop Opera" at St. Mark's Church

How much time will you give an unfamiliar work of art? When I was six or seven, I complained straight away about the slow narrative trot of The Silence, prompting my father to retort: "It's Bergman. You give a master at least 15 minutes before you start fidgeting." But obviously we don't give young bucks (who aren't in the canon) quite the same attention-span leash. And then what if you're giving some new art "a try" on the internet? My sense is "15 seconds" may be the stick-it-out-or-fidget Rubicon. Which is to say, if you only give the above music video from a new "post-Christian nihilist pop opera" 15 [...]


More on "The Local: East Village"

Here is more on The Local: East Village, the NYU-New York Times hybrid web publication, from NYU's Jay Rosen. We discussed this a bit yesterday. (And some of our criticism was interpreted by a few people to mean that 1. we hate students! and 2. we hate "new ideas"! Which, yes. Yes, we hate the young and their newfangled web journalism ideas! Isn't that position obvious?) Now give that a read and you all can make up your own minds what you think of this new publication and we wish the young folks involved all the best in a great news-gathering experience! Obviously we have a couple [...]


Who Killed Kim's Video?

The Slits' cover of "Heard It Through The Grapevine" (a B-side, obviously) played over the speakers at Kim's Video & Music on 1st Avenue as a half-dozen early-afternoon browsers flipped through the vinyl. The ceiling, bifurcated into orange and purple halves shot through with yellow, hangs low, compressing the sound into a thick haze. "We don't really carry a lot of metal?" Julianne, one of the two college-aged clerks, told a patron who asked if Kim’s carried the band Death’s earlier stuff. "That's the only Death we have," gesturing toward the new release sections. Julianne, who is graduating from NYU in a few weeks, has been working [...]


The Permanent East Village: A Fascist Swamp of Crappy Buildings Now Historic

A central swath of the East Village, formerly known as Little Germany, then known as Little Kraków and Little Dnipropetrovsk, has, astoundingly, succeeded in achieving "historic district" designation. The district stretches down Second Avenue, which is now referred to as "Little Dartmouth Gangsta's Paradise," due to the habits of the khaki-clad worthies who clog its congested sidewalks of an evening, alternately issuing mating shrieks and vomit.

A little middle finger of the district extends up to St. Mark's Place, and its dangling feet hit Second Street. All of First Avenue is not covered, because it is ugly. Congratulations to the hundreds of slumlords who now must [...]


The Christopher Jusko Murder and the Campaign Against Photographs of Dead Bodies

Recently a news organization published a photograph of a rather recently dead body. The former person in question photographed had been murdered and presumably the news outfit felt that a murder on its local turf had some news value. The victim's family and friends were about ten kinds of furious. Meanwhile, written coverage of the murder and its circumstances was vigorous and regular on a number of New York City-based websites, including Gothamist and the Times, in large part because it took place in the East Village. Year-to-date, there have been four murders in the East Village's Ninth Precinct, though I couldn't tell you what the other three were. [...]


East Village Chase Bank Gets Giant Piles of Manure

"The protest happened yesterday. Chase is one of the biggest investors in mountain top removal mining. The protesters said they would leave a mountaintop in every Chase. They did. I think it was pretty baller. Also didn't hurt that the bulk of the protesters were part of a church choir that was singing lovely inspiration tunes. "


The 'Times' Comes for the East Village with Another Non-Paying Student Paper

The current expansion of the New York Times into "local" sections, where the news product delivered is provided by students for no pay, has now come to hit us where it hurts-right by our offices. The Times has announced today that NYU students will staff its new "East Village local" web publication. My objections to this are two-fold and related!


The Citi Never Sleeps (And Never Stops Tagging Your Citi Bike Racks)

Citi Bike stations come to the East Village, graffiti ensues. God bless the East Village for still being a little East Villagey.


Let The East Village's Dead Bury Their Dead

Hahaha, people think it is still possible to save the East Village. Or even desirable to do so.


Allen Ginsberg's Apartment Finally Occupied

"Jane Kwett, a marketer for Yelp who prefers Kerouac to Ginsberg, is the new tenant in Allen Ginsberg's old apartment. After the landlord raised the rent in her West Village residence, she found the Ginsberg apartment online and thought it looked like a great deal for $1,700 a month."


Saturday Night's East Village Riot

And how was your weekend? Back in the East Village, apparently a roving street brawl took place around Avenue A early Sunday morning-this series of photos was taken on East 7th Street, closer to A than First Ave., outside fancy contemporary Greek restaurant Pylos (try the haloumi!). The total police response from the 9th Precinct was one squad car.