Come Celebrate the East Village's Bodegas Tomorrow

From the inbox:

BODEGA WALK SATURDAY, Saturday February 2nd @ Noon
11th Street and Avenue A. Join us!!!!

As part of our resistance against the incursion of 7–11s into the East Village we are inviting you to come with us on the first walking tour of our neighborhood bodegas. We love these corner stores and need them to stay open and intact. When a 7–11 opens the bodegas nearby always take a hit, often a lethal one. During Sandy bodegas remained open and gave their perishable food away. Whole Foods didn’t. Will 7–11? The existence of each of these unique bodegas supports the reality that our neighborhood is a social place and the city is our home. We will chant, read poems, share info about each store and buy stuff before we move on to the next. The walk will take about an hour ending at Tompkins Square Bagels.

Also, one hopes many deli cats will be petted.