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Donna Summer, "Love To Love You Baby (Giorgio Moroder Feat. Chris Cox Remix)"

I don't know how your family does it, but nothing says Christmas to me like this song, so it's a thrilling accompaniment to the season to have this remix to extend the festivities. [Via]


Paul Krugman's Playlist For The Republican Party

"Where does this disdain for workers come from? Some of it, obviously, reflects the influence of money in politics: big-money donors, like the ones Mr. Romney was speaking to when he went off on half the nation, don’t live paycheck to paycheck. But it also reflects the extent to which the G.O.P. has been taken over by an Ayn Rand-type vision of society, in which a handful of heroic businessmen are responsible for all economic good, while the rest of us are just along for the ride." —Paul Krugman is right. And it's important to note that before Neil Peart replaced John Rutsey on drums and Rush was taken [...]


Donna Summer, 1948 – 2012

Oh, man, more sad news: Donna Summer, "The Queen of Disco," has died, according to TMZ and then according to E!. She was only (maybe perhaps still is? Ah: definitely is not) 63. Spring 2012 is taking a brutal toll on the music world.