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You Can Stop Your Second Screen Experience Now, Twitter

Would you believe it if I… theorized the web to understand that people tweeting about things on TV does not lead to more people watching those things on TV? How about this idea for cause and effect: What if "a show’s ratings are more likely to drive activity on social media rather than vice versa"? Well that's what NBC is deciding.

But but but! What about this amazing money quote from Twitter money-making honcho Adam Bain last year? “We often have thought about Twitter plus TV, but we are now thinking about Twitter times TV." Haha oops.

What if Twitter is the big beast that straight-up MySpaces in [...]


Bailout Nearly Bailed Out

There is only $135 billion left unspent in the original bailout pool of $700 billion.


Are Twitter, LinkedIn And Facebook Worth Anything?

TWC goes to Comcast. This chart helps put it in to perspective.

— James Gross (@James_Gross) February 13, 2014

That chart above went around a bit last night, with the news of the purchase of Time Warner by Comcast for $45.2 billion. It compares the "market value" of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google v. the "market value" of CBS, Viacom, Disney, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. You know, the new establishment v. those stupid old dinosaurs. Hmm, how else could we compare these companies?

Oh right, how about by that crazy out-of-fashion metric: by the money they make? I made you a chart! Here's that [...]


It's a Boy Brawl! Mark Ames v. Malcolm Harris

Hahahaha I just googled Ames and he's born the same year as my dad. Dude is a46 year old man.

— Malcolm Harris (@BigMeanInternet) September 19, 2012

Well, here's a mildly misguided takedown of someone you've likely never heard of. Are you in the mood for that? It's Wednesday, why not! So it's Mark Ames—of the eXile infamy—on the topic of Malcolm Harris, who writes for The New Inquiry. Have you had enough already? Walk away! Be free! Otherwise… Ames' point is basically like this: Occupy was kind of irritating, then kind of amazing, but then really irritating, and that's all because pretentious, obnoxious twits were [...]