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I Went To A Disclosure Concert And All I Felt Was My Impending Mortality

Sunday was my 7,738th* day on the planet. It was also my first Disclosure concert.

Disclosure—a British electronic duo made up of brothers Guy (8,277 days old at the time of publication) and Howard (a mere 7,195 days) Lawrence—had a pretty great 2013, releasing their debut album Settle with singles “White Noise” and “Latch” both going gold in the UK. Settle itself went to #1 on UK charts, and has been nominated for a Grammy. The boys, along with “Latch” vocalist Sam Smith, made their US TV debut on "Fallon" last night. They’re going places. It’s exciting. I’d wanted to see them on a small sliver on their journey [...]


Matt Cherette Is Going To Move To New York City

Matt Cherette is 25 and lives in Grand Haven, Michigan, about fifteen minutes from his parents' house. He traveled to New York in the second week of February and while he was here, he signed the paperwork for a job at Gawker.TV. He would be their night coordinator. This was an opportunity to actually get paid for the sort of diligent content repurposing that he's been doing for free, for years, on the LiveJournal-hosted gossip community Oh No They Didn't.

While he was in New York, he came to a party thrown by his new boss, Richard Blakeley, at Destination Bar, on Avenue A. The Tennessee-Vanderbilt game was [...]


Disclosure, "Grab Her"

Did anyone have a bigger year than Disclosure did last year? I guess, relatively speaking, there were any number of people who did, but it still was a pretty big year for Disclosure, so much so that if you are just hearing about them now it is probably in the context of what a big year they had last year. Here's a new video. [Via]


Big Government Forces Poor Doctors to Report Free Sandwiches

“Some companies fear that doctors may no longer want to engage in consulting arrangements, and such reluctance could chill innovation." —That's the "executive vice president of the Advanced Medical Technology Association" standing up for American freedom. They're "advocates" for medical technology… with an address on Pennsylvania Ave., so they must know what they're talking about. Big Government is forcing doctors to explain from whom they're taking money and free vacations! When will the U.S. get out of the business of regulating our doctors' bodies?!