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Weekend Indulgences

Some things to take in during this CALM BEFORE THE STORM weekend….

• How do you solve the problem of hiking? Surprise, it's with audiobooks.

• What do you do on the Day of the Goose? Spoiler… it doesn't end well for the geese.

• Should you be a telemarketer? No, it's insanely hard. (I was so bad at it.) And yet, if it's that or making coffee in Brooklyn, how will you decide?

• Here's a flashback maybe you missed from December that we're rereading: Jenny Kutner's story about her eighth-grade history teacher. (We got back to it via their triple-murder story.)



Is Bingo the Greatest Invention of All Time? (A: YES)

When you play nine cards, there is still downtime—you hear the number, you stamp what needs to be stamped, and you look up and wait a moment to hear the next number—but double that and there's no time to wait and barely any to look up. You become less of a bingo player than a bingo machine, entering a trance of B-11's and O-72's that isn't broken until someone finally shouts bingo and the room lets out a collective moan. Often, the calls are premature or incorrect, but many people trash their cards regardless, as if the game ends not when a bingo is confirmed but when the [...]