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'The Wire' and the Realism Canard

David Simon's The Wire, which is set to soon be re-broadcast in high definition, continues to be hailed, in some corners, as the greatest television show of all time. In an effort to elevate it to the level of high art, many critics (including Simon himself) have reached for comparisons with other, less lumpen forms, from Greek tragedy to Dickens—anything, in short, that isn't a television show. But Linda Williams, a professor of film studies and rhetoric at Berkeley, in her new book, On The Wire, thinks that the show's greatest accomplishment is its use of melodrama. I talked to Williams last month about melodrama and [...]


'Treme' Trailer Unrevealing, Yet Tantalizing

I will now say a few sacrilicious things about the new trailer for David Simon's "Treme." First, this doesn't tell me anything, and it's loaded with (admittedly amazing-looking) New Orleans cliches. (Jazz funerals! Trombones!) Second, it makes me both miss "True Blood" and wish "True Blood" was better. That aside? If this puts Katrina and New Orleans-the real story of America-back into the "national conversation" again finally, then David Simon deserves a Nobel and an Oscar and an Emmy and maybe a Peabody. Also some award that I will make up and decoupage and mail to him.


Here Are Your Geniuses

"Obviously, I'm very grateful but I have a vague sense of not belonging." -David Simon ("The Wire," "Treme") reacts to being named one of this year's John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation "geniuses." Other names among the 23 recipients of the $500,000 award include pianist Jason Moran, director David Cromer and author Annette Gordon-Reed. The real surprise here is that Simon, upon being told he was a genius, didn't respond by saying, "No fucking shit."


Blogger Yanks David Simon's Wire

David Simon, who created the greatest TV show ever ohmigod it's like Dickens etc., testified before the Senate Commerce Committee about the future of newspapers yesterday and told members that if newspapers die no one will be left to cover City Hall. Gawker's Ryan Tate offered an excellent response.


'Treme': A Shouting Match

Natasha Vargas-Cooper: Dan Kois! I consider you a top critic. A man of refined taste and considerable insight. How do you defend your love for such a subpar project as "Treme"?

Dan Kois: Natasha! I consider you a canny TV viewer, and a recognizer of quality in all its forms. How do you defend your dismissal of such a quality project as Treme?

Natasha: A Battle of Wits!

Dan: Let us first define the terms of our debate.

Natasha: Personal attacks: allowed!


David Simon IS NOT GOD, okay?

Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons: Just two weeks ago, reports surfaced that the New York Times Company (which owns the Globe) was demanding $20 million in union concessions or it'd shut down the Globe completely. I grew up dreaming of writing a sports column for the Globe; now the paper might be gone before I turn 40. It's inconceivable. But this Garnett story, and how it was (and wasn't) covered, reminds me of "The Wire," which laid out a blueprint in Season 5 for the death of newspapers without us fully realizing it. The season revolved around the Baltimore Sun and its inability (because of budget cuts and an inexperienced [...]