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David Byrne & Atomic Bomb Band, "Fantastic Man"

The one William Onyeabor I can never get enough of is here, but last year's release of the compilation Who Is William Onyeabor offered a whole collection of songs with which to be obsessed. Anyway, [...]


The True Life Story Of Bonnie (Or "Bonny") "Prince" Billy

"Bonny’s parents performed intercourse merely once, but it was deeply tantric, lasting so long they conceived and birthed 3 children during the single act. Bonny was born Siamese twins, conjoined at every part of the body—overlapped perfectly on top of one another so he looked like just one guy. During puberty, Bonny’s Other began to itch, so he underwent a procedure to be surgically separated from himself, cell by cell. When doctors attempted to reassemble the extracted Boniface, they wound up with just two frogs, a jaybird, and a monkey holding a banjo. It was at this point he began to noodle around with music." —I do not like [...]


The Words Get In David Byrne's Way

In a wide-ranging post that begins with the mention of a collaboration between David Byrne and St. Vincent, Byrne discusses the process of writing with other musicians (including, naturally, Brian Eno). The whole thing is worth your time, but this part jumped out at me.


Michael Jackson: A Look Back

Even now, nineteen days on, I can remember where I was when I discovered that Michael Jackson had passed away: sitting in front of my laptop reading this very site. It seems like only yesterday that we all switched from not thinking about Michael Jackson unless we heard a song of his in a cab to sharing an endless celebration of his legacy. It seems like only yesterday, but no: It was almost three weeks ago. We live in a completely different world now. Still, while we may have moved on, it's not a terrible thing to look back every now and again. For instance, I just discovered musician [...]


Another String On Robert Fripp's Guitar Of Life

So David Byrne's birthday was Monday. Brian Eno's birthday was yesterday. Today is the 66th birthday of guitar genius Robert Fripp. If anything were going to make me believe in astrology, the fact that these three were all born on roughly the same day might just—nah, even that's not gonna do it, astrology is junk. Still… WEIRD.


Paul Simon And David Byrne Sing The Songs Of The '80s

Here are a couple of clips from last night's Paul Simon show at Webster Hall in which the singer is joined by David Byrne. Above, a rendition of Byrne's "Road to Nowhere." Below, the two perform Simon's "You Can Call Me Al," during which Byrne's exuberant gyrations result in a minor slip. In any event, no man can say how long these will remain on the Internet, so if they are something you are interested in seeing it is probably best to do so now.


'Here Lies Love'

Here Lies Love, the David Byrne/Fatboy Slim collaboration "about Imelda Marcos and Estrella Cumpas, the woman who raised her," hits shelves on February 23. Guest vocalists include Santigold, Natalie Merchant, Steve Earle, Tori Amos, and Cyndi Lauper.


David Byrne Is 60

David Byrne, 60 years old today. Yep.


David Byrne Sues Charlie Crist

"As an attorney and the former attorney general of Florida, Governor Crist knows better. A political candidate may not incorporate the artistry of musicians and a songwriter into a campaign commercial without getting a license." -Attorney, Lawrence Iser, representing David Byrne in lawsuit against Charlie Crist for using the Talking Heads song "Road to Nowhere" without permission in his now-abandoned Senate campaign against fellow Republican Marco Rubio. Here's the rule: No Springsteen, no Heart, no Jackson Browne, no Talking Heads. At this point, Republican ad departments would be better off just sticking with the Nuge. Just score every single ad with "Stranglehold" and call it a day. [...]



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