The True Life Story Of Bonnie (Or "Bonny") "Prince" Billy

“Bonny’s parents performed intercourse merely once, but it was deeply tantric, lasting so long they conceived and birthed 3 children during the single act. Bonny was born Siamese twins, conjoined at every part of the body — overlapped perfectly on top of one another so he looked like just one guy. During puberty, Bonny’s Other began to itch, so he underwent a procedure to be surgically separated from himself, cell by cell. When doctors attempted to reassemble the extracted Boniface, they wound up with just two frogs, a jaybird, and a monkey holding a banjo. It was at this point he began to noodle around with music.”
 — I do not like the name under which Will Oldham and David Byrne have chosen to release the five songs they recorded as a duo for the upcoming Sean Penn movie, This Must Be the Place. (Though I am very interested in seeing the movie — which is named after an older song of Byrne’s — as Sean Penn is one of my very favorite actors, and his character, a mopey aging goth rocker, seems to be mostly based on the Cure’s Robert Smith, who is one of my favorite mopey aging goth rockers.) But I like very much the artist bio Oldham wrote for himself, under his alias Bonnie “Prince” Billy, for the new (patent pending!) direct-sale media distribution platform, Gyroskope.