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Crops Rotated

The New York Times, 1986: The recently spruced up Union Square area has become fertile ground for a new crop of restaurants. Union Square Cafe, an inviting, low-key newcomer on the site of the former Brownies, a health food restaurant, is one of the most appealing of the lot.

In 1995: "We're still in the same area, which is important," Ms. Hirsch said. "We think that people who come to Barnes & Noble will appreciate having our store nearby because what we have at our store, you can't get anywhere else."

In the last few years, Revolution Books seemed something of a lonely hanger-on on East [...]


New York City Bread Line, 2014

This was the line outside of the Madison Square Park Shake Shack at 10:30 a.m.; the fifth person in it arrived at 9:30. These people have been idling outside of a burger hut that does not open until 11 in order to procure an eight-dollar-and-fifty-cent cheeseburger that is topped with a shrimp patty and a paste made of fermented nuts and grains, designed by David Chang. History is sort of on their side: Yesterday's special Shack burger, topped with pulled pork, was gone by 1:30 p.m., leaving many to wonder why they had even bothered to be born in the first place. A few survivors stumbled [...]


Danny Meyer's Sales Pitch for His Restaurant at the Whitney

“When an artist can’t decide a name it’s untitled…. When the name is Untitled, it’s underlined. We are underlining it…. I thought it would be refreshing — make of it what you want. Put it on yourself. ‘I’m Untitled.’ Put it on a coffee. Every coffee has a big brand on it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just serve really good food and make people happy?…. We thought, Let’s do a New York farm-to-table coffee shop. Why is it that coffee shops aren’t that good with coffee?…. When was the last time you went to a coffee shop that cured and smoked its own bacon? Right here [...]