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Der Blähungen Kühe Ausbruch

"Methane gas from 90 flatulent cows exploded in a German farm shed on Monday, damaging the roof and injuring one of the animals, police said."


Myth Eviscerated

"Cow tipping, at least as popularly imagined, does not exist. Drunk young men do not, on any regular basis, sneak into cow pastures and put a hard shoulder into a cow taking a standing snooze, thus tipping the poor animal over."


Cow To Taste Like Texas

Here you will find some photos of a calf with a birthmark on its head which resembles the Lone Star state.


Dog Meets Cows

It is rainy and dull out there this morning and not a little bit raw, although it will get warmer. It's Monday, the start of a new week, at the time of the year when we're all doing our best to convince ourselves that things will get better. They won't, but it probably doesn't hurt to pretend that they will. In the meantime, enjoy these curious cows and the puppy that entrances them, because, really, if we can't spend a minute or two appreciating the wonders of nature what hope do we have of even making it to Tuesday?


Cow Unfortunate

Here you will find a picture of a cow with its head stuck in a ladder.


Two-Headed Calf Creeps Me The Hell Out

Seriously, with all the technological advances we've made in the last two decades, how come no one has invented an "unsee" button? Anyway, if I have to know about this, so do you. We're all in it together. [Shudders.]


Glorified Veal Pen Now Equipped With TVs

In an experiment to determine whether or not watching video of the Swiss Alps will make cows do their cow thing in a more efficient way, a Russian farmer has rigged one side of his shed with 40-inch LCD TVs so that one row of cows can watch footage of the Swiss Alps, where the grass is green and the skies are blue. The cows on the other side are afforded no such diversion.

The farmer is monitoring his cattle to see if the TV-watching cows are more "happy and productive."


Ancient Meets Modern In Tragic Trampling Story

"Nurse in intensive care after being trampled by a herd of cows while taking part in hi-tech sat-nav treasure hunt" is the headline.


Meat Labels Tackle New Genre

"Labels on meat products sold in the U.S. could soon read like a sad mini-biography of the ranch-raised beasts."


Single, Lonely Wolf Seeks Sex and Real Estate In California

A wild gray wolf continues to wander all over Northern California, a year after crossing the state line. The wolf, named OR-7 by wildlife biologists because he's the seventh male in the Oregon pack that has been unwillingly fitted with a radio-satellite collar, has traveled more than 2,000 miles back and forth across the top of California in search of a mate and its own territory.

Like many young males today, OR-7 has a Twitter account. But that is not why cow farmers in rural parts of Northern California are so angry. Cow farmers hate any kind of predator and any kind of wild nature—the last wild [...]


A Cow Dies In Brooklyn

"She mooed, out of the blue; she was definitely her own cow." —Aggie the cow has passed on.


Will Fugitive German Cow Become Hamburger?

"The search is on in Bavaria for an Austrian cow named Yvonne who has been on the loose since May when she escaped from the farm where she was being fattened up for slaughter. The wily runaway has become a local celebrity of sorts in the southern German state. She has outsmarted police officers and has become known for grazing at night, like a deer. But her days of freedom might soon come to an end, as officials in the Mühldorf district have decided that, for security reasons, she can be shot."


PandaCow: The Cow That Looks Like A Panda

It's a cow! It's a panda! It's the result of a genetic manipulation that is a testament to all the super-important uses we are putting Science to these days! It's PandaCow! Man, it's going to be another great year for wacky animal stories, I just know it.


On Heating Meat

Someday soon we will be able to safely eat burgers composed of bits of dozens of different ground-up cows as well as their feces, because the cows themselves will be immune to E. coli! Thanks to vaccines, and ingenuity. And no thanks to "bureaucratic delays in Washington." Those fatcats! Again! So all the problems are now basically solved except for the solving.


Robots Will Almost Certainly Not Train Cows To Kill Us All As Part Of Their Plan For Worldwide Domination

"Robots are already doing everything from making coffee to high-frequency trading. Now they’re after dogs’ jobs as well. A prototype robot that herds cows is being tested by researchers at the University of Sydney, and early results show that the four-wheeled fellow does a better job than his four-legged competition."


"Was This Meat Shot Locally?"

"The experience of dying at a slaughterhouse is 'an enormous ordeal' for cattle. A farm in northern Germany is proposing an alternative: shooting the livestock in the places they live. Many believe the method provides a stress-free death for the animals."


French Cows Think They're French People

"The French are known to like their beef, and they also like their wine. In the southern village of Lunel-Viel, in the Hérault department in southern France, some farmers have taken the next step and are feeding wine to their beef cattle on the principle that if French beef tastes good now, it can only improve with a bottle of Saint-Geniès des Mourgues."


Cow Immobilized

Here you will find a picture of a cow stuck on a road fence.


Cow Pretty

Is this Germany's prettiest cow? Sure, why the hell not.


Bear Fights Cow

Finally, we have an answer to the age-old question of who would win a fight between a bear and a cow? Although this one seems a little unfair, because the cows gang up on the bear. Better luck next time, little fella. Also, good morning!