Dinner Old


What is your opinion on the ethics of eating animals? Hahaha, just kidding, I don’t care. Your opinion is unimportant and utterly incorrect. Whatever justifications you make to explain your choice to eat or to abstain are almost certainly inconsistent and in any event unnecessary. You yourself are of course an animal, buffeted about and baffled by forces you cannot understand, but also you are virtually indistinguishable from anything else to the cold indifference of the cosmos. There is no moral code that can wrestle sense from the vast nothingness that awaits your return and even nihilism itself is an empty response to a universe that neither knows nor cares how you choose to articulate its random assignments of existence. Be you eater or eaten you are the tiniest fleck of dust on a breeze that is unaware that it blows. The stories you tell yourself about the choices you make are of no matter (and are, on the subject of animals, if my own experiences of conversation are any indication, incredibly tiresome). That said, the big thing now in carnivority is eating geriatric cattle, so you can only imagine how exciting the debate is going to get moving forward.

Photo: Shutterstock.com