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Meet Mike Sui, A Dude From Wisconsin Who's Now China's Biggest Viral Star

"Cock wire Mike Sui!" yelled one of the young men in the crowd. "Cock wire Sui is awesome!" The kimono robe and mirrored sunglasses, like some kind of last-minute frat-boy Halloween costume, that Mike Sui was wearing when he leapt onto the stage, had been shed, and Sui now prowled the stage in cargo shorts and a Nike t-shirt.

Before April, a slim few, if any, in this Shanghai crowd would have known Sui's name. And before April, NetEase, one of China's largest Internet companies, certainly would not have asked Sui to emcee its stage at China Joy, the nation's largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition. But now it was [...]


Let's All Get Dressed Up In Elaborate Costumes and Have Sex!

I'm not sure I really even know what cosplay is, other than that lots of people do it, and not necessarily for sex, just for fun and coolness, but the other night I was watching The Switch, one of the best movies of 2010, despite its problematic insemination issues, and (no spoilers!) at one point there's a kid's birthday party and all the adults are dressed in pirate hats and you can't help but think: wouldn't it be sexy and fun to dress up as a pirate or a lion or something like that sometimes? It'd be like you were in an Adam Ant video all the time! [...]


How Snails Say No To Sex

"Females of the marine snail species Littorina saxatilis, or rough periwinkle, conceal their gender identity in order to avoid mating too much. They do this by refusing to label their mucus trails with chemical signals indicating their sex." Good trick! Female mammals are reduced to transforming into Jared Leto.