Let's All Get Dressed Up In Elaborate Costumes and Have Sex!

I’m not sure I really even know what cosplay is, other than that lots of people do it, and not necessarily for sex, just for fun and coolness, but the other night I was watching The Switch, one of the best movies of 2010, despite its problematic insemination issues, and (no spoilers!) at one point there’s a kid’s birthday party and all the adults are dressed in pirate hats and you can’t help but think: wouldn’t it be sexy and fun to dress up as a pirate or a lion or something like that sometimes? It’d be like you were in an Adam Ant video all the time! There just aren’t enough excuses these days to dress up in elaborate costumes. (Also, think of the truly excellent costume party in Beginners! Who wouldn’t want to meet Ewan McGregor when he’s dressed as Freud and also carrying a puppy? I mean, what more do you need, shoes made out of chocolate cake?) Anyway, Comic-Con is coming and the goose is getting fat, please fashion for yourself a complicated hat. But who to dress up as even? I totally get stumped there. Just don’t leave your sexy funtime costume thingies laying around or half of Chicago gets evacuated.