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28 Years with Weird Al

My Bubby and Zaydee came to visit from Florida and I couldn’t wait to share my all-time favorite musician with them: Weird Al. I sang every single song from his first two albums. I showed them the video for “Eat It,” which we had taped off of MTV. “Why do his eyes turn yellow at the end of the video?” I asked, having never seen the Michael Jackson video for “Beat It.” They were slightly confused. “Because sometimes people eat bad food and then their livers don’t work and so their eyes turn yellow,” Bubby said. “Don’t you love it?” I asked. I decided she must because she understood things [...]


Killer Mike And El-P, "Butane"

I was lucky enough to have been at Santos Party House on Monday night, where this great thing happened when Killer Mike came onstage at the release party for El-P's new album Cancer 4 Cure. They were going to perform a song called "Butane"—a duet from Killer Mike's new album, R.A.P. Music, which El-P produced—but there was a glitch with the music equipment. It turned out that El-P didn't have the R.A.P. Music instrumental tracks with him. So they did it a capella, and it ended up being even better that way. The whole concert was excellent. (I know I have been going on about these [...]


Live From Last Night: F***ed Up and Titus Andronicus

Here is a video of the Canadian punk rock band Fucked Up playing their encore last night at Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village. I was at the show. It was awesome.


Classic Live Concert Screamers (And Me)

Just about ten years ago, on June 27, 2001, I saw the first of what would become many Radiohead shows, at the Shoreline Amphitheater in San Jose. My friend May and I had fantastic seats—3rd row, I think—and it remains one of the best concerts I’ve seen. It was so face-meltingly awesome, in fact, that I screamed at the top of my lungs every five minutes for the duration of the show.

How do I recall that detail?

Soon after, a friend gave me a recording of said show. My 21-year-old enthusiasm is audible for the entire three hours of the recording. We’re talking about a 22,000-person stadium, [...]


I Have Seen The Future Of Adult Contemporary And Its Name Is Train

On Thursday afternoon, a Jumbotron at 43rd and Broadway in Times Square streamed a live performance of the "adult contemporary" band Train. The actual performance took place just across the street, high up in the Reuters building, and if you are a fan of  "adult contemporary" and watched this broadcast-which also streamed on Facebook-you would have seen me in the audience.

I do not like the band Train. Or, more accurately, I have no opinion of the band Train-they fall into the category of bands that I know "exist." I am aware of that song with that catchy mandolin about greeting a "soul sister," and that's about it. But there I was, forging with them [...]


Real America with Abe Sauer: The Britney Spears Tailgate Parking Lot, Ticketmaster, Bruce Springsteen, the Death of the Live Music Video and You

Pop music does not tailgate. Dress Up. Line up. Maybe even pre-party. But there is no tailgating. This is very obvious to anyone who visited the parking lot of the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota, by far the smallest venue of the second leg of Britney Spears' Circus tour. What is not so obvious is how this show nut-shells just about everything that's wrong with the concert industry, from Ticketmaster's monopoly and price gouging, to mildly corrupt, publicly-owned concert venues, to artists lip-syncing shows while they bleed their fans and pass the blame to us-the people who pay for such bullshit anyway. So, who wants to rock?


I Went To A Disclosure Concert And All I Felt Was My Impending Mortality

Sunday was my 7,738th* day on the planet. It was also my first Disclosure concert.

Disclosure—a British electronic duo made up of brothers Guy (8,277 days old at the time of publication) and Howard (a mere 7,195 days) Lawrence—had a pretty great 2013, releasing their debut album Settle with singles “White Noise” and “Latch” both going gold in the UK. Settle itself went to #1 on UK charts, and has been nominated for a Grammy. The boys, along with “Latch” vocalist Sam Smith, made their US TV debut on "Fallon" last night. They’re going places. It’s exciting. I’d wanted to see them on a small sliver on their journey [...]


Donald "Duck" Dunn, 1941-2012

When I was a boy on Beale Street, we had no electric street lamps. It was the era of the gaslight, and every evening towards dark, the lamplighter would come along with his cart. Frequently, night would overtake him as he proceeded slowly down the street, so that as you looked after him, he would vanish in the blackness, and you could not see where he was, but by the glowing light of the lamps, you could see where he had been. Now these boys have gone from us into the darkness where we can no longer see them. But when we hear a certain melody and rhythm, when [...]


Jeff Mangum Last Night in Baltimore

In the car, my friend Jonathan and I talked about my kids, and his job, and how we feel old all the time. He’d come up that morning from North Carolina, where we once lived together, to come to the concert with me; now we were driving together from Arlington to Baltimore in a CRV whose backseat was dense with child-safety seats and princess books.

Jonathan recalled how he’d once received a mixtape from a girl he thought might be interested in him, only to discover that it featured “Song Against Sex,” which he took as a poor omen. Our friend Ehren gave me a song by the band on [...]


Yeah Yeah Yeahs Get the Last Laugh at Their 10th Anniversary Show

i walk from the Bedford L stop to the venue called Secret Project Robot in the rain to go see the 10 Year Anniversary Yeah Yeah Yeahs show and by the time i get to the venue i'm soaked and i meet my friend who works for Todd P, the promoter who is putting on the show, outside the venue and i say "hi" and wipe my glasses off with my shirt and my friend says "hey, okay, let me find Todd now and he'll get us in, we're a little late"

so right now Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on Interscope Records and play venues twelve times the size [...]


Courtney Love Live: The Train That Never Really Wrecks

Hole has been touring hard this summer. The band is now in Minneapolis, then heading for Japan, then playing some west coast dates. Early on, the words "disaster" were being used-but by the time they got to Texas, the reports we were hearing were "amazing." Our chief Chicagoland correspondent reports in.

I woke up early the morning that the tickets for the Hole concert went on sale just in case the show sold out. The idea of seeing Courtney Love-a for-real rock icon-live made me freak out. I didn't bother to make plans with friends to see the show; I assumed that I'd know a handful of people [...]


Off the Wall: Erykah Badu at Governors Island

Last night Erykah Badu, the princess of Fort Greene, played a strange, historically-oriented, diffuse show at the worst music venue in the world, the new "Beach" on Governors Island. This video is pretty great. Here are absolutely awesome pictures of the show. Including Badu (LOL) opening act Janelle Monae riding some white man. Also please note that she is wearing vinyl pants and an Abe Lincoln hat and she just gave birth like six months ago. Haaaaayyy.


Beyoncé In Brooklyn Last Night

Here's the nine best Instagram videos and the one best Vine of Beyoncé last night at Barclays. Um. Good Lord! GOOD LORD!


Send An Awl Reader To A Kraftwerk Concert With A Scalper

Thus far into Kraftwerk’s week-long residency at MoMA, not many individuals have popped up on Craigslist offering up their +1 for sale. Maybe it's because people who were lucky enough to purchase two tickets for one of the eight shows during the online sale/debacle must present an ID bearing the same name as the purchaser’s to gain entry into the concert. It’s a really big deal! So presumably they’re taking someone who is equally passionate about the music, or dragging a loved one who they’re trying to convert. (Which is never quite as magical as we hope.)

Whatever the case, it seems that most ticket holders don’t want [...]


Bon Iver, Brooklyn, Last Night

The moon over Prospect Park last night was exceptionally nice. Justin Vernon, the lead singer of Bon Iver, took careful notice of this. “Take a look at the moon, it’s really awesome," he told a crowd. Everyone erupted in cheers for the moon because Justin said so.

Bon Iver fans are a unique group of people. There was the girl switching off taking hits of a joint and covering up her coughing with bites of carrot and humus. There was the group of “bro” friends who are clearly only friends during the summer months. They spoke about the definition of “rompers” and placed bets on how many people in [...]


Showed Up: Last Night's "Mega Secret Private" Robyn Show

Seth Colter Walls: Mary, thanks for inviting me to the "secret" Robyn concert in TriBeCa last night! Mary HK Choi: Pshaw bro. It was absolutely my pleasure. Seth: Don't fucking bro me what to do! Mary: Here bro. Drink this. Seth: So it wasn't actually that big of a secret was it? Was it a radio contest or something?


The Drake And Hanson Riot At South Street Seaport

Around 2 or 3 p.m. yesterday, a large group of teens started congregating around the South Street Seaport. They were milling around waiting for the start of a free concert by the rapper Drake (whose album came out/"dropped" yesterday). Unfortunately for them, and the rest of us that showed up, that concert never happened, and what did ensue was a weird riot-type thing that resulted in metal chairs and tables being thrown off balconies and police having to eventually spray the crowd with mace.