Jay-Z And Kanye West Take A Load Off

“Lasting about two hours, the show was an almost seamless blend of songs from ‘Watch the Throne,’ solo material from each rapper and songs they have shared in the past, often used as transitions. If there is any fat on hit-thick solo Jay-Z or Kanye West concerts at this point, it was excised here. They have become gifted at resisting maximalist urges. This show demonstrated how much can be accomplished with a few small decisions: as on the album, Jay-Z and Mr. West worked smart, not big. The heaviest lifting was done by cameras that seemed to encircle the stage, resulting in astonishing close-ups that captured every sweat cascade on Mr. West’s forehead and every scrunched expression on Jay-Z’s face.”
 — Man, you pay $150 for a ticket to see two multimillionaires rap, and they do it sitting down. Just kidding. I wish I was at the Izod Center in New Jersey Saturday night. (Or headed Madison Square Garden tonight or tomorrow.) Awl pal Jon Caramanica reports. Other Awl pal Miss Info takes video.