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Vaunted College Newspaper Now More Like Real Newspapers

Nights at the Columbia Daily Spectator were spent in a breathless, tipsy, exhausted, self-important haze. The office, like that of many college newspapers, was a clubhouse run by flighty, inexperienced, earnest kids who were behind on their homework. There was an idea that we should be finished by three a.m. in order to send the paper to the printing press. That was the goal post, anyway. In the meantime, we ate pizza from V&T’s (which we got for free in exchange for a daily ad); drank Blue Moons (which we got for cash); argued, gossiped, and fell in love with one another while we waited for the stories to [...]


A Note Regarding Michael Schudson and Journalism Schools

I was extremely intemperate yesterday on the matter of Michael Schudson, current Columbia J-School prof, and his contention that this age is a wonderful world of opportunity for journalists. So, a disclaimer: I'm sure that he is a wonderful sociologist and historian, I'm sure his books are fantastic, and I'm sure some students love him. (Though the ones I've talked to, who've taken his classes at Columbia, did not love him at all.) I have no reason to think he is not a great person, and a fantastic wealth of information. So I do regret going a little postal. But! And! Also! A couple of things!